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With the back-to-school season in full swing and college students returning to the dorms, it is time to revisit the top values in desktop computers. Having a computer of one’s own has become a necessity on college campuses and is becoming more important to students at the high school level so they can finish an increasing amount of homework. However, parents and those students who save up to buy computers should not fret about price as there are several great desktop computers for reasonable prices. Over the last five years, the desktop computer (or at least those that aren’t Macs) have gone down in price drastically. Two in particular, the Dell Dimension B110 and the Hewlett Packard (HP) s7500, demonstrate the market for value priced computers at present.

Dell Computers offers some of the best prices in the computer market at present, despite declining stock prices and a recent recall for a series of laptop batteries. However, the Dimension series of desktops from Dell is a consistent favorite of universities and students alike because of its reliability and low price. The Dimension B110, at its basic level, is $489 but with an instant rebate it is currently running for $379. The B110 has a standard 17″ monitor, Windows XP Home Edition, and a 2.53 Ghz processor. For those who want to spread out the financial burden for this computer, they can apply for a line of credit from Dell, which would break down the price to about $12 per month. As someone who has taken advantage of the Dell Preferred Account, I can vouch for its convenience and Dell’s outstanding service. As well, Dell offers a one year warranty, including one year at-home service, and a free printer with the purchase of Dimension desktops. For students seeking a reliable computer with a reputation for value, the Dell Dimension B110 is a good choice.

Hewlett Packard has come out with a strong desktop offering with their s7500 series, which boasts of having a computer tower about a third the size of its competitors. HP has tried to make a more portable version of its other popular desktops and, with its reputation as a computer manufacturer, should be a good choice for students and others who move around quite a bit. The HP s7500 runs for $450 or $20 a month with approved credit, which makes it a bit more expensive than the Dell but it is more portable than the Dimension desktop. With Microsoft XP Home and Professional Editions, it offers everything a college student needs. As well, HP has included a remote control to operate the HP media player, allowing students to study or lay in bed while listening to music or watching DVDs. The s7500 series comes with a one year warranty, free shipping and a free HP printer with customized options, giving plenty of incentive to consumers who want a value-priced computer.

Both the HP and the Dell desktop offerings are great value priced computers, though the Dell computers seem to have the advantage of better pricing, more flexible credit, and faster processors. HP does have superior printers and a good reputation as a computer manufacturer, but Dell seems to have it trumped overall. From one discerning consumer to another, I recommend to any college student looking for an entry level desktop computer that they purchase a Dell Dimension desktop.

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