Top Washer Products Under $1,000

If you have not experienced a Whirlpool washer, then maybe it is time that you gave them a spin! (No pun intended!) I recently had the opportunity to personally review the new Whirlpool Duet Front Load Washer, model GHW9150PW. It is 3.8 cubic feet and Energy Star qualified.

As mentioned above this, this is a front load washer, which is great because it offers an alternative from the original top load models. This is a fine looking large appliance, if I do say so myself. The company has listed the color as dove grey on white, and it is a beautiful machine with a sleek design.

One of the things you might notice, if you purchase this unit, is that there is little to no noise during the cycles. This is because Whirlpool has developed the Quiet Wash Plus Noise Reduction option for their washers. This ensures that while your clothes are going through the gentle rigors of the cleaning process, you get minimal machine feedback. Speaking of cleaning the laundry, you will probably be as equally impressed as I was that this wonderful machine is ultra capacity plus equipped, so it will hold a nice size load of laundry. The wash basket is composed of stainless tell and comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

You will have an add-a-garment feature with this machine, which basically lets you know that even though you have started the wash cycle, you still have time to add a few more items. The light will go out when the time for adding extra items has passed. There are eight factory pre-set cycles and options for this model, including the popular whitest whites cycles, the normal and casual cycle, and a heavy duty cycle for your heavily soiled articles of clothing. For your delicate items, this unit comes complete with a delicate cycle and also a hand washables cycle, which is sure to use extra care in the cleaning of your more fragile clothing items. Four rinse cycles come standard with this model also to help finish the job, and four wash speeds for you to select from.

Once inside the machine, your clothes will be treated to the Whirlpool developed Catalyst Cleaning Action with Direct Inject system. There are three temperature selections for this washer, and there is also an AccuWash temperature control monitor within the washer to ensure proper water temperatures are being achieved. If you are like me and must multi-task around the house, hearing that buzzer alerting you that the wash cycle has completed is an important feature. The people at whirlpool understand that, and have provided an end-of-cycle that you can turn on. The volume on the end of cycle signal is also adjustable for soft or loud alerts depending on your needs.

If you would like to have your washer start the wash cycle at a later time, this Whirlpool comes standard with the delay wash feature so that you may set the time for your washer to begin its wash cycle.

This is a wonderful washer, one that I would recommend to anyone. The washer unit comes with a manufacturer’s warranty for parts and a full one year manufacturer’s warranty for labor. Remember that a lot of stores will offer you a rebate with a purchase of a washer or washer/dryer combination, so be sure to ask your salesperson. You can find this washer at many large appliance retailers. It was selling for just under $1,000, but on some store listings, I have seen the price drop to just under $900. It’s a great machine, well worth the price!

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