Top Wide Calf Boots Under $150

Have bad memories of shoving your ankle into a boot that just wouldn’t fit? Still feel the zipper marks from a too-tight boot? As a plus sized woman, maybe you think you can’t wear boots. But think again! Boots have come a long way, baby.

There are few investments you’ll make in your plus sized wardrobe more versatile and functional than a good pair of wide calf boots that end at the knee.Dress boots can be worn in the winter to keep your feet warm and dry.Boots can be worn under slacks for a crisp, finished look.And boots can even be worn with skirts and dresses for a chic silhouette.

Moreover, there’s no need to wear pantyhose or uncomfortable dress shoes when you have a good pair of wide calf boots.Just throw one some socks or insert a faux suede shoe lining under your bare foot, and you’re good to go.

When you plan to make a pair of wide calf boots part of your wardrobe, you can shop during the summer for the best deals.Start by checking out these top options for under $150.

  1. The Blondo Delphine. This pointy-toed, wide calf boot, will elongate the line of your leg, thereby slimming you and making you look taller.Plus, it comes in additional extended sizes for calves between 19″ and 22″ in circumference.(If you’re a size 30/32W this is likely a good option for you.)The 2″ heel is a mid-height that most plus sized women can manage if they’re not walking a marathon.And though these wide calf boots are currently selling for about $139, they are worth every penny.
  2. The Fitzwell Joan. A modest 1 1/2″ heel, plus the generous proportions of this wide calf boot, make it a real winner.When Fitzwell says “wide calf boots” they really mean “wide calf boots.” The Fitzwell Joan’s marketing literature says it will fit calves at least 17″ in circumference. But due to the boot running large, it will accommodate up to 19″. The makers of this wide calf boot have included gel padded soles for extra comfort, and decorative ties around the ankle to disguise any bagging that might occur over time.These wide calf boots are currently on sale for less than $70, and should be snapped up by plus sized women who despair of finding a boot that will fit.
  3. The Naturalizer Vander Plus.The square toe-box of this wide calf boot is not ideal, but consumers report a comfortable padded foot bed that just might make up for it. This wide calf boot accommodates a 16″ calf. Plus, with a handy inside zipper, this is a great option for plus sized women who can stand a 2″ heel.
  4. David Tate Back-laced Boot.It’s the laces that get these wide calf boots onto the list, and their availability in calf sizes up to 20″.The David Tate boot takes into account that leather stretches over time, and what may once have looked like a sleek sexy wide calf boot may become sloppy after years of wear. Don’t like your boots sagging at the ankles after you’ve worn them for a long time?Pull your laces tighter. The David Tate Back-laced wide calf boot earns its price tag with this feature, as well as the flexibility it offers to plus sized women.If only they came in more colors than black!
  5. The Fitzwell Jutta in Mushroom.Adore a feminine and balance-friendly kitten heel? Fitzwell’s Jutta wide calf boot might be for you.With decorative leatherwork at the ankle, it should retain a crisp, fashion forward look for years.And the shock absorbing gel pads in the heel and forefoot will make these wide calf boots feel like sneakers.The Jutta does run large, which is a boon to truly plus sized women.However, customers report that the calf bulges out in the back. Even so, this can be fixed at the shoe shop for a modest price. And on sale for under $70 at Zappos, how can you go wrong?

There you have it. Five wide calf boot options, all for under $150. Go ahead and make the investment in a good pair of wide calf boots, and you’ll soon be stepping out into a new world of fashion. You won’t regret the expense, and you know you’re worth it.

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