Tragic Deaths Turning the Tide

Motherhood has inspied my life because:
Mothers will make you smile when you thought you were going to cry.
Mothers will give you peace when you felt not so alive.
The magic of a Mothers true bind shows through actions needing no push or shove.
The feelings expressed between a mother & her child.
Motherhood is a magical thing no one can explain,
because it opens your heart – allowing everything good gained…

My mother witnessed the tragic death of 2 loved ones & still, she continues to carry on.
The stregnth she teaches me is always so very strong.
When I began having kids, she was there for me.
When I was too scared to grow up, she was there for me.
When I had that horrible fever, she was there for me.
Now that I am all grown up & on my own, SHE needs me.
Because of her unconditional caring, I can now be here for here in return.

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