Training a Puppy on Your Own: Teaching Them to Poop and Pee Outside is Step One

I recently had a puppy move into the household. While he is so cute and playful, he is a pain in the butt because he pees and poops all over. The pup is four months old and can’t distinguish the difference between inside and outside.

Training a puppy on your own can be a difficult thing to do, especially when you work all day long. You don’t want to crate train it, but you don’t want it to pee all over the room either. And it’s hard to decide which methods actually work because every ‘expert’ is contradicting each other. If you don’t have the time to take care of the puppy, then it makes it difficult to properly train the pup to pee and poop outside. One method that is being used with our pup is only giving her dog dish to her for 3 half an hour increments during the day. This allows the dog to get on a schedule and also helps the trainer to gauge when a dog has to poop.

Training a dog how to pee is a whole new dilemma. With our dog especially, it seems to have an uncontrollable bladder even though its breed is noted for having a particularly good one. However, one method that has helped in controlling her sudden urges is putting pee pads in the room. Now, she doesn’t use them all the time, but I would say that she uses it half the time. This cuts down on the pee stains all over the rug and house. Also, we heard that giving a treat after she pees outside or rather where we want her to pee is good to do. It’s a reward for doing the right thing and the dog will pick up on this to get another treat. However, you don’t want to spoil her with treats and make her beg for food.

Another issue we had with the youngster was that she was more lazy than playful to start. She would sleep a lot and not be playful, but after a few days she showed rays of hope in the Anaheim Angels rally monkey. Then she finally played with the ball. She also had trouble coming out of the room without being frightened of things. But now she is getting better with that and is really making progress on being more attentive and calm whenever someone comes up to her.

A problem that hasn’t been solved yet is getting her not to go under the bed when someone comes into the room. Now, she may be frightened at first, but she seems to not really care too much when she comes out of the bed. However, it would be nice to have her just come up to you and jump around.

Dogs can really make your live happy and inspire you in everything you do. Now, even though puppies are so cute and adorable, they are a handful. My suggestion for anyone who is interested in getting a puppy is to get one old enough and already trained. It is simply too tough to train a dog while working at the same time. However, how can you say no to such an adorable animal?

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