Treat Your Significant Other to a Romantic Weekend in Chicago

One of the best ways to impress your significant other is by taking them away from the daily grind i.e. cleaning house, doing laundry, cooking food, working from home, dealing with the kids. Don’t worry this does not mean an expensive vacation to Cancun. In fact traveling and flying too far can often stress her out more than staying at home. A romantic getaway can be located right here in Chicago.
There does not have to be a festival or an event, in fact the best Chicago get-away is one in which she can be completely relaxed and do what she is feeling at that specific moment. So how do you pull off this perfect weekend? Follow these six steps and you will show her how much she means to you and you might have a good time too!

Booking a nice hotel does not have to be a costly situation. Remember you are only staying for Friday and Saturday night. For the best pricing I recommend and only settle for a four star hotel on North Michigan Avenue. You will be surprised at how far $75.00 will go on a hotel that normally runs for $225 a night. People often complain about not knowing the hotel prior to purchase but anything four-star on Michigan Avenue will be worth the initial uncertainty and $75. The best part is that you are the only one who knows how much you spent.

People often like to have big plans and a schedule. It’s the fear of not knowing the future, but you need to remember this is her weekend surprise and for once you are both going to live by the moment. Always remember it is her weekend. You just want to provide the environment i.e. the hotel on Michigan Avenue and you, for her to completely relax and do what she feels at the moment.

Leave the car at the hotel and once you check it valet do not check it out till you leave. Just walk. You have all the bare essentials on Michigan Avenue i.e. shelter (four star hotel) food, (Cheesecake Giordano’s) and clothes (come on its the Magnificent mile). Driving in the windy city often makes people tense. This is her stress free weekend where she can do what she wants at a moment’s whim.

Even if she does not like to make decisions she still has a general idea of what she wants to do-every woman does. Do not settle for you picking everything. Tell her it is her weekend and you will be completely happy just to see her doing what she wants and seeing her cute smile. Even if have no desire to go into another store-deal with it. If you care enough to read this far you should be able to bare going into another women’s department.

Don’t settle for not eating some of the best places in downtown. Giordano’s (312.951.0747) has some amazing pizza. Sharing slices of warm good pizza in a relaxing environment always tends to calm the nerves. Cheescake Factory (312.337.1101). This place is fabulous. No matter what you are craving or wanting, you will be satisfied. Be sure to leave room for the most amazing part-Cheescake! These are just a few of the options. Remember it is her weekend and that you are completely up for trying whatever she wants and including new restaurants and food types. It is her weekend. Because you are not planning this you might have to wait a bit, but time does not matter right now. All you are focused on is making sure she has a great time. If she request or has some idea that morning, then go ahead and make a call to reserve, even if you have to cancel later. Make sure though she knows there is no pressure even if there are reservations. This is a totally laid back and relaxing weekend.

Do not mention it. Do not remark how expensive the restaurant is. This weekend just splurge and tell her not to worry. Do not even let her see the bill. Just pay and deal with it. One pricey weekend will not break you and she will appreciate you that much more.
If you follow these steps then you are bound to have a great weekend. The key is to relax and give her whatever she wants. This weekend show her how much she means to you by making it her weekend. Good luck!

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