Treatments for Alcoholism

In order to best fight alcoholism, there are several different treatments available. No matter which of the treatments is chosen for alcoholism, the most important thing is that the treatment brings reformation. In any of the treatments there are four basic phases that are needed to treat alcoholism.

The first phase of treatments is getting started. None of the treatments will be effective unless the alcoholic is able to overcome denial of the alcoholism. In order for alcoholism to be treated, the alcoholic must overcome the thinking patterns that first brought about alcoholism. At this point, a plan of treatments with goals can be developed.

The next phase of treatments involves stopping the usage of alcohol. In order to get through alcoholism, medical treatments may be needed at this stage. Alcoholism can be related to very serious withdrawal symptoms that require medical attention. Detoxification is a necessary stage for all treatments of alcoholism.

It is very likely during the first three to six months of detoxification that the alcohol addiction can reappear. The third phase of treatments focuses on maintaining the sober state. This can be done through motivation from friends and family. There are also drugs available as treatments for this phase of overcoming alcoholism. This stage can last anywhere from six months to a year. A strong support network for overcoming alcoholism is needed at this stage in treatment.

The final part of alcoholism treatment is maintaining sobriety and preventing relapse. This stage involves learning what is needed in order to stay sober. The person also learns what is necessary in order to avoid a relapse into alcoholism. A support network is important at this stage of treatments as well.

While there may be a number of treatments available for controlling alcoholism, any combination of these can be used depending on the situation. Knowing the stages of treatment can help in choosing the best treatments.

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