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Tucson’s Temporary Staffing agencies, without a doubt, offer the best job opportunities at the highest wages for individuals seeking employment in this growing desert town. With literally dozens of Tucson agencies to choose from, one would think the actual number of jobs available would be low but, fortunately, this is not the case. If you have the skills that a particular agency is marketing, your chances of grabbing a job are almost guaranteed. From construction to manufacturing to reception to executive level Admin positions, Tucson has an Employment Agency eager to find you work. Unemployed but nothing in the local papers looks interesting? No need to worry. A classified ad is not a requirement for contacting a Tucson Temp Agency. Just find the Tucson Yellow Pages, make a call, and get an interview! Already employed? No problem. If you are professional and qualified, a Temp Service will happily assist you in locating a better and/or higher paying position than the one you currently have. Let’s explore five great reasons to try temping in Tucson:

1. Tucson Temp Services are free and offer excellent wages

For the Tucson job seeker, the services provided by Tucson’s Staffing Agencies are always free. The “client” companies holding the available jobs are responsible for paying the agency’s fee. The way this works is fairly simple and, ultimately, highly lucrative for both the agency and potential employee. Busy Tucson companies with open positions to fill often choose to contract with a Temp Service to assist them in the hiring process. The Temp Service, in turn, charges this company a fee for each position filled. These fees, which tend to run very high, vary per position and are figured into the hourly wage or salary of the person that is eventually chosen to fill the slot. A “leased” Temp Agency employee in Tucson – especially in an administrative position – can expect to earn at least three to five dollars more per hour than they would had they interviewed directly with the hiring company. Many Tucson Temp Services are now offering paid vacations, paid holidays, and extremely reasonable health insurance plans to steady working temps who remain under their employment for sixty to ninety days.

2. Tucson Temp Agencies offer more than “temporary” positions

Once you become “registered” with a Tucson Temp Service and depending upon the needs of the client company, certain positions can be offered one of three ways:

âÂ?¢ “Temp -Only”: A position is considered “Temp – Only” when it a temp employee for only a predetermined time period. While switching jobs
every few weeks is not appealing to most, there is an enormous workforce out there seeking flexibility and/or variety. For these folks,
working only when needed suits their lifestyle perfectly and, as long as they continue to be reliable, Temp Services will support them as a
permanent and successful part of the Temp Team.

âÂ?¢ “Temp-To-Hire”: A position is considered “Temp-To-Hire” when it is expected by all to become a permanent position after a predetermined
probationary period. The probationary period, lasting anywhere from six weeks to three months, allows for both sides to analyze the
situation and decide whether or not it would work permanently. If the client company hires the temp full-time, this often means a raise and
benefits. The Temp, in other words, receives credit for “time served” (so to speak!) and the Staffing Agency views this event as another
example of their team’s success.

âÂ?¢ “Direct Hire”: A position is considered a “Direct Hire” when Temp status is skipped entirely and the chosen applicant becomes immediately
employed by the client company. This placement usually, but not always, applies to medium to high level Administrative positions and the
starting salary and benefits is usually exceptional. For the Tucson Temp Service, their success in finding the right man or woman to
immediately fill the permanent position at the client company is another notch on their belt. The client company, who has probably paid a
pretty penny for the Direct Hire service, will no doubt use the agency again.

4. The Temp Service interview may be your ONLY interview

If you successfully “sign-on” with a Tucson Temporary Staffing Service and continually show good service, the stressful days of interviewing with Presidents or Managers of the actual Companies hiring are all but over. The client companies that contract with Staffing Services often have so much faith – and money – invested in their chosen agencies that the final decisions of which applicants fill the open positions are left entirely up to the agency staff. For the Tucson job seeker, this fact could mean going from a successful Temp agency interview on a Monday to reporting for the first day of work at a great job on Tuesday. How one chooses to present themselves to an agency recruiter during the interview process at a Temp Service, at least in Tucson, certainly can hold the key to numerous and lucrative employment opportunities.

So what does it take to successfully “sign on” with a Tucson Temporary Staffing Agency? First and foremost, since the chances are good that an agency can and will find you employment, you really must want to work. Secondly, be prepared to spend a good hour or more at your chosen agency on Interview Day filling out lengthy applications and speaking with recruiters. If your job of choice is an Administrative position, expect to take part in a variety of tests based on the skills stated on your resume or those you listed on the application (i.e. Word, Excel, PowerPoint, transcription, typing speed, etc.). While this lengthy interview process is good at weeding out the non-serious applicants, those that successfully pass muster and prove themselves reliable and professional “temps” are “in” for life even if they choose to leave the agency at points along their career and then return at a later date.

5. Consider your Temp Service your Employment Advocate

The success of these Tucson agencies depends entirely upon the success of their “leased” employees and the satisfaction of the companies they “lease” to. To the Tucson job-seeker, this simple fact makes the temp experience extremely user-friendly. The agency recruiting staff, after filling a position, will bend over backwards to make sure everyone involved is happy. Recruiters may phone their “leased” employee at the new job during the first week to just to confirm that he/she is comfortable, check with their company contact to “feel out” the managerial side, send out thank-you cards to all, or stop by for a quick, surprise visit. If, as a Tucson Temp – and I speak from first-hand experience, you just know deep down this job is not for you, all it takes is a phone call to your recruiter to get the ball rolling towards another position elsewhere. You are never made to feel inadequate or uncomfortable as long as you are honest and upfront and allow them time to also satisfy the upcoming needs for the client company you are working for.

I have worked for several Tucson Staffing Agencies since arriving in Tucson ten years ago and they have, without fail, always guided me in the direction of excellent employment. Always remember that the success of your Tucson Staffing Service depends on your success. If you do a good job, there is no way you can go wrong!

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