Turkey Carving Tips

There is no need to go out and buy a turkey carving knife if you already have a good knife that can cut but if one is needed, a regular long and sharp straight knife will do the trick. A knife and carving fork set will do well if you want to purchase one. Personally I like the DeMarle has excellent cutting knives that stand the test of time. They are made from one piece so no need to worry about a handle breaking off. There is no place for bacteria or germs to hide. My mom has had one that has lasted several years and still cuts really well.

A carving fork helps to keep the turkey from moving while it is being cut and to pick up the pieces of turkey that was just cut so you do not burn your fingers. A metal carving fork is better than plastic since it is more durable. You can usually find them at any kitchen store. The thicker the tines the more strength they will have.

Another essential tool needed for carving is a cutting board. Bamboo is really good since it does not absorb the drippings or the fat like plastic does. Be sure it is actual natural bamboo not just one that is made to look like bamboo! Bamboo is tough and can stand up better to chopping that its counterparts wood and plastic. Bacteria does not grow in it as easily since it is not porous. By cutting your turkey on the cutting board you do not cut your pan and there is less mess from all the drippings.

A turkey baster will also help in the end when you have to cut the turkey. While the turkey is in the oven be sure to take some of the dripping from the bottom of the pan and squirt some on the top of the turkey. This will keep the turkey moist so that when you take it out to cut it the turkey will be soft and tender.

If you do not want to go use a baster or you are having a fairly large turkey then use Reynolds Oven Bags. You put the turkey in the bag with flour and into a pan. When the turkey is done you can take it out of the bag right onto the cutting board. It helps keep all the juices in and does not leave you will a really dirty pan to clean later.

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