Types of Siding for Your Storage Shed

When choosing the siding materials for your storage shed, consider what will best complement the style of your home. Siding choices for storage sheds typically include wood, vinyl, metal, and rock.

Wood – Wood is the most popular siding choice for storage sheds. Choose properly treated wood that is specifically designed for siding. Using untreated wood as exterior siding for your storage shed will lead to rot. By using treated siding, your shed will look good and will stay weather durable for a long time. The most common wood siding options include:

Plywood is the cheapest and easiest wood siding to install, but it is the least attractive wood choice. Large sheets of plywood install quickly, but are more of a durable siding and not as stylish as other types of wood siding.

Cedar Shakes take stain well and are long lasting, durable, and rot resistant. They require considerable effort to install, but are pretty.

Tongue and Groove siding looks great installed vertically, horizontally, or diagonally. Large tongue and groove panels install quickly and fir is an economical wood choice.

Board and Batten is nice looking and easy to install. Knotty pine or cedar boards give a rustic look. Fir and spruce give a smoother painting surface.

Wooden Clapboard is the perfect choice to match many of today’s homes. Pine, spruce, and fir are less expensive and long lasting when painted or sealed.

Vinyl – PVC vinyl siding is an excellent choice if you aren’t looking to use a natural material to side your storage shed. It is inexpensive, low maintenance, durable, won’t rot or rust, and comes in many colors. Vinyl is long lasting, insect resistant, and won’t ever need painting.

Metal – Metal (aluminum or galvanized steel) is a common siding included in storage shed kits, but is also a choice for siding sheds built from a plan. Prefabricated sections of metal siding are inexpensive and fire proof, but can rust and may not last as long as other siding choices.

Rock – If your home is made of brick, stone, or concrete block, rock may be the perfect siding for your storage shed. Rock requires considerable time and effort to install, but will last a lifetime.

Whether you choose wood, vinyl, metal, or rock as siding for your storage shed, keep the style of your home, maintenance issues, longevity, budget, and basic needs in mind and you will always make the best choice.

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