U.S.A Study Abroad Experience

For me, studying abroad was about getting an education different from what my home country offered. I always felt that to be born in a third world country, it also meant a third world education. I wanted to learn more about first world countries. I wanted to learn what made countries first world and others third world. I witness from my own experience that nothing matches an education from a first world country. My study abroad experience was actually done in my new adopted home country, which is U.S.A. I will explain some of my incredible experiences studying in U.S.A.


Yes, U.S is the most diverse country on planet earth. No matter where in the U.S, you will find that people are intensely proud about football (National Football League or NFL), hip-hop, rock to mention but a few. Also, each culture in the U.S has its own struggles. In general, people in the U.S are welcoming and they are about business. I learnt that most people in the U.S could open up as longer as it is about business or money.


This is one of my favorite things that I really appreciate about the U.S. I learnt that I could do anything lawful at anytime in the U.S. For example, travelling from one state to another. I usually fly from New York to California just within a day. People may take this for granted but the truth is that in third world countries, it takes more than a week to travel by plane for such distance.

Also, I learnt that there are no communication barriers in the U.S. In the third world countries, people usually speak different dialects. It is hard to travel and easily communicate in third world countries. Although, some immigrants in the U.S don’t speak proper English, a majority of people in the U.S speaks good English, which makes it easier to communicate.


I learnt that most Americans work hard during weekdays. On weekends, most Americans do laundry, shopping, watch their favorite TV shows; go out to hangout with friends among others.


Yes, I learnt that most Americans take pride in their country and most consider themselves patriots. I see homes with American flags and this is what I love. Warning: If you are an immigrant, never make fun of the U.S or make derogatory remarks about U.S social background.


I learnt that many Americans are immigrants or children of immigrants. However, a majority of the current Americans are of European descent. Yes, it is sometimes very difficult to define a typical American. With that said, there are federal and state recognized Native American tribes.

I also learnt that most Americans are not aware of current U.S immigration laws. Most Americans think that America is made up of American citizens, permanent residents, tourists, and illegals from Mexico. With that said, Americans are so welcoming. They will feed you; employ you and party with you no matter where you come from.

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