Unclogging a Drain Without Harsh Chemicals

There are natural ways to unclog a drain without having to resort to harsh chemicals or dangerous acids. Many of the abrasive chemicals in drain openers are very hard on your pipes. Most common clogs involve sludge, grease and hair. Hot water and soap can eliminate most clogs. Simply heat a large pot of water to a full bubbling boil and add dish soap to the clogged drain then pour the boiling water slowly in. Give it a minute or two to loosen the clog and most of the time, it will slip right down the drain.

However, the plunger can be most effective if you know the proper way to use it. Most people simply push up and down on the plunger which will give you very little results. In order to get the proper amount of suction, you have to give the plunger a few slow plunges then yank up on it. The slow plunges rock the clog and the swift yank should dislodge it.

Hydrogen peroxide has been known to unclog a drain very effectively. Pour about a cup of hydrogen peroxide into the clogged drain along with a tablespoon of baking soda and let it fizz and foam. The foaming action should loosen the clog and a plunger may be able to break it up, and unclog the drain.

Wire coat hangers make an excellent snake for most any drain. Get an ordinary wire coat hanger, take it apart and run it down into the drain. Pull it in and out and move it around in an attempt to break up the clog. The wire coat hanger works quite well in that it goes straight through the clog to help break it up.

If your garden hose reaches the sink, likely as not it will unclog the drain. If you have double sinks, plug one side and run the hose into the other. Push cloths or a towel around the hose and turn the water on full blast. Hold the cloth around the hose and the water pressure should push the clog through.

Draino is a safe alternative and is perfectly safe for your plumbing. All that’s involved is pouring a small amount into the drain, waiting an hour or so and flushing the drain with running water. Therefore, Draino is the best way to go if the other methods fail.

In summary, most clogged drains can be unclogged with the proper use of a plunger. Giving two or three plunges then yanking it straight out, the plunger should unclog the drain. Hot water and soap work very well as does hydrogen peroxide and baking soda. Try the plunger after each attempt at any of these methods. The coat hanger works very well, but if need be, Draino is safe for your pipes and is very good at unclogging a drain.

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