Unconventional Ways to Use Rubber Bands

I get rubber bands from the local grocery store and keep them until I can find a way that they’ll benefit me. Don’t underestimate those little circular pieces of rubber. I have fixed appliances and done all sorts of interesting things with a few rubber bands!

I fixed my dryer with two rubber bands. The small spindle, located in the back, broke and wouldn’t stay on track. I thought for a moment and the light finally went off in my head. Of course, the answer is rubber bands! I wrapped two around one side of the spindle to hold it in place and tada! The part only would have cost me $12, but that’s not the point.

I have a 30 gallon fish tank with a Fluval 203. My Fluval filter pumps water in and out of the tank, but I lost the gasket. After fiddling around for a few days I came up with a replacement gasket. Yes, rubber bands around the edge of the top of the Fluval made a nice gasket! My filter now works perfectly.

Carrying food in the car can be quite scary. Often tupaware lids get loose from washing and old age. Just wrap a rubber band around the container to prevent unwanted spillage!

Don’t you just hate when the spoon falls into the bowl while baking? Place a rubber band around the tip of the spoon to avoid a sticky mess. The rubber prevents the spoon from falling into the bowl.

Cutting vegetables on a cutting board can be a workout! The board slides all around the counter causing anger and frustration. Simply place a few rubber bands under the cutting board to prevent the board from slipping all over.

Can’t get a jar open? Putting a rubber band around the top can stop that burn you get from trying to twist too hard. Beer bottles and soda are the main culprit in skin burn.

If you have arthritis, or kids, wrapping a few rubber bands around drinking glasses can help provide traction. Get a better grip on your cup with rubber bands, because when they get a lot of condensation it’s hard to hold on! Just a few will do!

Brooms are always losing their shape! Take a few rubber bands and put them around the bottom bristles. This will help hold the shape of the broom and extend its life.

Child proof the house with rubber bands! Wrapping them around handles to the cabinets will prevent kids from breaking and entering. It helps when traveling too, because you don’t want to bring all of the gadgets with you. Just keep a few rubber bands in your purse!

Do you lick your fingers to count money or read? Don’t spread germs! Put a rubber band around your index finger to flip pages with ease. While your reading, use a rubber band as a book mark too!

Use rubber bands around liquids to measure. If our on a diet it’s a good idea to know how much liquid is being consumed. Also, keeps an eye on how much the kids are drinking too!

The uses for rubber bands seem endless! Who thought such a simple thing could be so versatile? They are extremely cheap too. I don’t even buy rubber bands. I just wait until I acquire some from my grocery store.

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