Unintended but Practical Uses for Common Bathroom Supplies

You have sitting in your bathroom right now a number of items that you can put to practical use in ways they were not necessarily intended. Even better news is that using some of these common household items for unintended practical use can save you money you might unnecessarily spend on things that you plainly don’t need and would wind up just adding to your clutter.


Toothpaste can be used for a number of common household problems. For instance, minutes scratches on glass surfaces can be made to disappear by applying a little plain white toothpaste. Toothpaste is also an effective way to clean jewelry like rings and bracelets.

Blow Dryer

The exhaust of warm air used to dry hair in front of the bathroom mirror can be pressed into service for a number of other practical uses. The heat generated by the highest setting on a blow dryer can melt wax for easier removal. The force of air from a blow dryer is a terrific way to get rid of thick layers of dust. The soggy soles of shoes that can make walking a real pain in the foot can be most effective dried out with a blow dryer.

Dental Floss

Ever want to achieve that perfect symmetry achieved by professional bakers when it comes to slicing a cake in two? Draw out a long piece of hard, waxed dental floss and slowly work it through a layer of cake to achieve a flawless cut. This practical use of dental floss also improves your odds of successfully making very thin slices through cake.

Hair Spray

Believe or not, but the very same aerosol spray that keeps your hair firmly in place also makes an extremely effective insecticide. A quick shot of hair spray can often stop common household pests dead in their tracks. Just make sure that the bugs you are trying to kill are not anywhere near an open flame.

Nail Polish

The same polish that hardens your nails for protection against cracking or breaking also serves quite well as a sealant. Small leaks in bottles, jars, vases and other glass or plastic items can be at least temporarily stopped with a coating of nail polish over the spot of leakage.

Shaving Cream

Shaving cream can work wonders outside the bathroom. A little dab of shaving cream can eliminate annoying squeaks caused by doors, the wheels on a cart and anything else with an unwanted musical hinge. Shaving cream is also safe and effective for treating some stains on your upholstery.

Urinal Cake

Do you still use those types of toilet fresheners that look like a bar of soap? Would you believe you can still use that item referred to as a urinal cake for a quite practical use far away from the interior of your toilet? If you feel confident enough to pound the toilet freshener into smaller pieces, you can then spread those pieces over any parts of your yard that you want to keep dogs away from. Whether the dog in question is your own pet or neighborhood intruders, the scent of urinal cakes can be an effective repellent.

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