Unique Outdoor Lighting Fixtures: Eco-Style

Unique Outdoor Lighting Fixtures: Eco-Style – So you want outdoor lighting to both enhance your homes look, and your safety if a stranger sneaks into your yard? Add to that the fact that you also want something that saves money and is eco-friendly? Then this is the article for you. I have shopped for and bought and designed my own outdoor lighting in the past to help the overall look and feel of the place. Safety goes without saying. The thing you want to look for in an eco-friendly lighting system is the charge method it uses. You want one that allows itself to charge all day and then shine all night from that charge. Additionally there are a few that you want simply for security. Those should be placed in the back yard and at the sides of the house. They should be motion sensitive lights as well as solar panel ones.

Now the real question is the cost. Can you find these at a price that their savings is worth the electricity saved? Yes, you can. The first thing that is very important to this the length of time that a solar paneled light provides. Check that as you shop for them. Then, you also want to ensure that they have some kind of warranty on them just in case. I bought mine at several places. The one that I bought for lining my drive I bought at amazon for a set of eight at $39. That’s a great deal. Check it out.

The ones that I bought for safety I found at Wal-Mart for a set of four that cost $29. and some change. That’s not bad considering the competition charges about $129. for a set these. They are really a good find at that price. Also remember that your insurance company will lower your cost of home-owners and renters in most cases if you have security system. That saves you even more money.

Then there are the ones that I bought just for the look of them in the backyard. These are so cut and made of resin and plastic with the solar panel on the inside. There is a picture of it here on this article. They lined the path of the garden. they were found at Neeps. Which is an online store. They are currently on sale at almost half price. That’s a much better deal than what I paid. I paid for them at full price because they were exactly what the garden needed. You can get them now at half that. That’s a good deal.

I have been told that the look of the house was really improved. I was renting at the time, and my landlord was really impressed at my work. so, even if you are renting a house, check it out. You can save money at the same time as improving the overall look of the house.

Installing them was simple as each of these had clear instruction printed on them. Just follow the advice of the manual and you will be fine. Remember to place one security light per side of the house. Think like a thief for a moment. What parts of your yard would be easy to get to that lighting will help?

Don’t forget the garden. Have fun and know that the world’s ecology is being helped by you as well. Not bad.

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