Untangle Your Pet’s Mangled Coat

Is your pet having a bad hair day? Are you tired of tackling it? Perhaps their coat is so tangled it’ll take a freight train to get through it. Here are a few things to get through the entire tangle and help untangle your pet’s coat. They’ll love you for it and will feel at least 50 pounds lighter. Keep your pet’s mangled hair as dry as possible once its coat gets wet and dries up it can become tangled quickly, making it nearly impossible to comb through the tangled coat. Keep from giving them a bath, staying out in the rain, or even playing in poodles to prevent even more mangling of its coat.

Although it may seem like an impossible task to untangle their coat, you can do it slowly with your fingers. Start at the ends of the hair and work inward you can try dividing the mangled hairs of the coat in half with your fingers. Keep dividing each section into half, meaning divide the halves into quarter and the quarters into eights and so on until you’ve untangled the mangled coat. Then run a fine toothcomb through the coat to make it smooth. Yes, this will take some definite patience on your part but if you keep your pet’s coat dry, you can do this over a period of a few days allowing you and your pet some rest.

Brushing your pet’s mangled coat can help untangle it. Use a fine toothbrush and beginning at the tip of the hairs, brush the hair gently using short, rapid strokes. As the coat gets untangled continue to move down toward the skin but don’t dig or brush too deep you can cause the hair to become more mangled. Once you’ve made it to the skin, brush the entire length of the hair, and then finish the job with a comb. If the comb snags, go back to the brush to untangle the remaining part of your pet’s coat.

Using cornstarch works to separate your pet’s stubborn mangled coat. It works to separate the mangled hair. You made have to add a little more cornstarch the deeper you get into the mat. You can also purchase sprays that help to untangle your pet’s mangled coat. However, make sure the spray is cat friendly. A few more suggestions to help untangle your pet’s mangled coat is to use clippers for particularly stubborn mangled hair. You can cut it in half or it may be easier just to cut the entire piece of mangled hair. Make sure you use grooming clippers and not regular scissors.

If all as fails or you don’t have the time to diligently untangle the mangled coat, head off to see the vet. A professional groomer can untangle all that matted mess. Once your pet’s mangled coat is untangled, make sure you maintain it by brushing their coat on a regular basis. Brush thoroughly, all the way to the skin. You can also use a regularly conditioner to help keep your pet’s hair smooth and untangled. And lastly, keep your pet’s coat short. One way to prevent a mangled coat is to keep the amount of hair to a minimum.

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