Unusual and Interesting Crafts: Piemomma Pie Points Site is a Non-Stop Party of Crafts and Fun

What’s a Piemomma? Aw, just a little ol’ lady that bakes goodies for all to try when they come by her website. Well, not exactly. She’s actually Beth Korte, owner of Pie Points, a site that believes in family, fun, crafts and parties. If you’re looking for a new and fun way to sell your crafts online, you’ll find it at Pie Points.

Piemomma is your host at Pie Points.com where you’ll find a huge gathering of “groupies” that can’t get enough of the excitement, games, crafts, and fellowship. If you sell crafts, bath and body products, or even used clothing, you’ll find a home with Piemomma. She’ll help you sell your wares, all the while having a blast and getting to know others with similar interests.

To encourage visitors and members to purchase from your store, Piemomma has contests where participants can win a sampling of some of the site’s goods, play games for prizes, and even search for hidden gifts. Contests run monthly and range from winning gift certificates to winning a basket full of one merchant’s products.

Set your site up anywhere online, sign up and link to Pie Points, then let the fun and sales begin! There’s a party room where you can showcase your newest crafts, a chat room where you can work out deals with your best customers, or an auction where you can let others win a sample of one of your products.

It’s ingenious how Beth has the site set up: members win “points” for things they do, like visit websites, shop with the merchants or play games. The points can then be traded for small gifts, or used at the Auction instead of cash. The points prompt the members to participate and the winner is everyone! Craft merchants, and other stores, sell their wares, while members not only purchase great one-of-a-kind items, but receive bonus points that allow them to win free auctions. And, just because you’re a merchant doesn’t mean you don’t get to participate in the auction and other activities – you do. Members also put up things at auction, such as used DVD’s, jewelry they no longer wear, gifts they’ve received but don’t need, and other goodies. Merchants are allowed to participate in every aspect of the site’s games and excitement.

Holidays are especially great times to be a member of Pie Points. Piemomma arranges huge parties that sometimes go on all day. Those who make the most purchases each day win fabulous prizes and the merchants make huge sales. And there’s no need to make the “hard sell” because the members enjoy doing their holiday shopping online as well as partying and playing games for prizes.

Prizes are donated by merchants, but because there are so many merchants, a couple of prizes every once-in-awhile is all that’s expected to participate. You don’t pay a fee to Piemomma for being one of the merchants, and she doesn’t take a cut of any of your sales – a rarity nowadays!

Don’t worry if you don’t have a website, or if you don’t have money to shop. Piemomma welcomes everyone to come and have a good time playing Bingo, chatting, entering contests, bidding at the auction, and just getting to know some of the other members. If you do have a craft store, though, consider joining the Pie Points group. You’ll be welcomed like family, and selling will no longer feel like a major effort, but a pleasure instead!

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