Uplift-Nothing Left Behind

Artist: Uplift
Title: Nothing Left Behind
Genre: Metal-Rock
Label: Mohawk Recording Group

I always say there is nothing like some bone crunching metal cranked up all the way to give you the energy you need. There are days that I need that extra kick in the pants desperately and when I do, I like to reach for a CD like the new Uplift album Nothing Left Behind.

In eight rousing tracks Uplift makes a statement, they leave their mark, kind of like the territorial pissings of wild animals. I know that does not sound all that appealing but this is in your mug crash and burn guitars, courtesy of Garrett Bird with the juggernaut rhythm section of Michael Marino and Alex Fuller followed by the finishing touch of singer Jason Arigoni, who does a great job keeping up with all of that activity. And the dude does not growl or scream, he actually sings, how about that?

I think most people that enjoy some good loud and hard rock and/or metal will get off on this CD. I listened to it for one week straight while taking my daily jaunts in my car. It is perfect for cranking up and rolling down the windows on a hot summer day. I am not romanticizing the music. I am speaking about the joys of youth and all of that testosterone screaming from your body. This music goes hand in hand with that period of time when you are growing up. Physically I cannot feel that way anymore but the music sure puts me in that space very quickly. For me that is magic, the power of suggestion, pounding into your brain via the sounds and words emanating from that shiny little disc. If this stuff does not make your heart beat faster, you had better check the obituaries to see if you are worm food and there is Nothing Left Behind.

August 31, 2006

1. Pkr. (3:17)
2. Tolerance (3:39)
3. Weight (4:16)
4. Progress (3:33)
5. As Yet (3:42)
6. Transparent (3:27)
7. Rust (3:19)
8. Truth (5:04)

Uplift is:

Jason Arigoni-Voices
Michael Marino-Bass
Garrett Bird-Guitars
Alex Fuller-Drums

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