Urban Dictionary: The Source for All Your Slang Needs

How many times have you been talking to someone (via the Internet, face-to-face contact, or the phone) and heard a word whose meaning confounded you? I don’t mean talking to just any person or hearing some word that person used to make you feel illiterate. I mean talking to a member of the youth culture and hearing him or her drop a piping hot slang term from his or her electric-oven mouth.

Of course, to be “hip,” you cannot simply ask what this alien word means. You would immediately be coined (either directly to your face or later as the hipster gossips about your cultural ignorance with fellow hipsters) an “uncool wannabe.”

Fear no more. With the help of UrbanDictionary.com, your uncoolness can remain between you and your deteriorating ego. From A to Z, virtually every slang term from today to thirty years ago is alphabetized and defined for your cultural pleasure. Some terms have photographs and sound clips, while new terminology is added daily to ensure your understanding of growing trends. There is even a mailing list to receive the Urban Dictionary Word of the Day to build your vocabulary one day at a time.

Like with all things too good to be true, there are some drawbacks to the site. Because all definitions are submitted by others who are not always as knowledgeable on slang as they wish to be, a plethora of erroneous definitions may impede your road to cultural savvy. However, if you strive past these minor hurdles with an unbreakable ambition to be cool, you could just be that raging hipster the others wanted you to be and correct the definitions of newbies who were once just like you.

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