Use Laptop Skins to Make Over a Laptop

Need a make over? For your laptop? You apply skins to your IM client, media player and any other skinnable app, so why not dress up your laptop too? Shiny, abstract, professional sports team, retro… totally custom….it’s your choice. Completely modify the look of your laptop with a colorful or totally original laptop skin. Some of these retailers also sell skins for your Xbox and even your fridge. Laptop skins can also protect the surface of you laptop, and look great doing it. is owned by Retrofitted Designs, a company which creates create high-design/high quality products at a low cost, with an intent to help consumers see their “things” in a new light. With clean and airy design easily select a laptop skin from these themes: Animal Inspiration, Custom, Flowers and Flourishes, New and Notable, Pop & Retro, Solids Stripes & Dots or check Other Stuff. Their laptop skins are made of high-quality vinyl with an amazing removable adhesive. Sizes range from 14″-17″. Schtickers are easy to apply and remove, and are reusable. Custom trimming is available at no extra charge. is also a socially responsible laptop skin seller. In addition to laptop skins, Schtickers sell iPod skins as well, called Podschtickers. Contact: Retrofitted Designs LLC, 700 NW 42nd Street Suite 214/215, Seattle, WA 98107, or by telephone at 800-610-9776.

DecalGirl – Choose from more than 60 laptop skin designs. The laptop skins are organized by color only, so any theme you are seeking is mixed in with its dominant color. The laptop skins are made of conforming vinyl and DecalGirl says they are easy to install. The laptop skins are sold in a “universal size that trims easily with a razor blade to fit most laptops.” Custom laptop skins are also available. In addition to laptop skins, DecalGirl makes skins for Gameboy Advance, GameCube, iPods, Nintendo DS, PS2, PSP and xBox skins. Decalgirl accepts credit cards, Paypal, checks and money orders. Questions about laptop skins? It’s easy to contact DecalGirl by emailing them at, or on AOL Instant Messenger: DecalGirlCom, or by toll-free at (866) 841-0922.

Polygfx – A bit pricier than DecalGirl, these laptop skins are made of a material that contains thousands of microcsopic air channels, allowing air to pass without unsightly air bubbles. Laptop skins from Polygfx are 15×14, are easy to cut and remove as easily as they are applied. Polygfx guarantees the laptop skin will last a minimum of three years. Choose a laptop skin from the following categories: Abstract, Anime, Fantasy, General, Nature, Science Fiction, Symbols, Transportation and Web site logos. You can also use your own outwork to design a laptop skin. In addition to laptop skins, Polygfx sells skins for appliances, cases, fridges, mousepads and Xbox. Contact Polygfx through an e-mail form on their web site.

For a more feminine selection of laptop skins, visit Sknymobile. On the higher end for price, these laptop skins sure are pretty in pink, ocean blue and purples. Although they have the least amount of options, the Sknymobile laptop skins will surely please any laptop-toting fashionista. Laptop skins from Skynmobile have a gloss finish, are reusable and remove cleanly and are available for 12 inch, 14 inch and 15.4 laptops. Gift cards are also available from Skynmobile. Contact them through e-mail form on the site. No toll-free number was provided.

For the largest selection of laptop skins, check out Skinit. Skinit is not just for laptop skins. They sell skins for more than 500 electronic devices and they boast laptop skins with exclusive brands of colleges, entertainment images, musicians, professional sports teams and sports figures. Also find art and military laptop skins. According to Skinit, all of their products are manufactured with the “best premium grade glossy vinyl” but do not say how long they should last. All returns must be made within 7 days, even for errors. Contact Skinit:1111 6th Ave., Suite 404, San Diego, CA 92101,

These sites provide a great variety of laptop skins. Who knows what you’ll skin next.

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