Uses for Old Newspapers

A lot of the time I have had so many old newspapers that I didn’t know what to do with them. But, after some brainstorming I have figured out some ways to make use for old newspapers. So, get ready all you collectors out there for what I’m about to write about.

Uses For Old Newspapers #1:

The first use for old newspapers is to use them as glass cleaners. Crumbling up newspapers can make a good cleaning towel when cleaning windows. You will notice all the film, and dust come off your windows. Old newspapers can be used on car windows, office windows, or your home windows.

Uses For Old Newspapers #2:

Second, old newspapers can be used as good decorating material. You can take old newspapers, and glue them to a room that needs a different kind of touch. And, glue them all over the wall to give the room a “news” kind of touch. Just make sure you glue the newspapers very well to the walls. And, after you are done gluing the newspapers to the walls, you can paint the walls also. But, before painting choose a very light, and bright color so the old newspapers can show. When you are done it will be something entirely different you have never seen before. And, if you ask me, ” I think being different is very good.”

Uses For Old Newspapers #3:

Third, you can use old newspapers to support sheet rock mud in house remodeling. When you have a big crack between a wall, or maybe by a door, newspapers can be used to fill in the hole. Then after the newspapers are in place you can take the sheet rock mud, and start filling in the crack in the wall. This will save you time, and money, because after the sheet rock mud dries it will be hard as rock. Or, maybe somebody in you family got drunk the night before, and hit the sheet rock wall with their fists. This problem can be fixed with old newspapers, just fill it in the wall hole, smooth it out with a sheet rock knife, and paint it pack to it’s original paint job.

I hope these tips help you with those stacks of old newspapers you have, and please leave me comments underneath this article. Just make sure you stay tuned for more uses on old newspapers in the future. I will keep you informed as soon as I have time to write more articles.

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