Using Glass Blocks to Bring in More Light into the Home

Bringing more light into your home using glass blocks is a great idea. Why should you consider glass blocks? Glass blocks are more energy efficient than regular plate glass, and they have a higher r-value. In addition glass block usually transmits around 80% of available light into a room. Glass block tends to also be more secure that regular plate glass, and while it can be broken it is more work for a potential thief.

As a general rule of thumb for designing with glass block – you can think of places to use it in your home where ever you have a wall or a window. The great thing about glass block is that it allows light in. So where you previously had a solid light-blocking wall, you can now add a wall that will transmit light, making the space feel larger and brighter.

One great place to consider glass block is in your bathroom. Bathrooms generally tend to be dark, since there are obvious privacy issues with having too large or uncovered windows in the room. With glass block you can buy block, which is frosted and will preserve your privacy while still allowing a large portion of light to enter the space. Some great design ideas are to have a wall of glass around your tub enclosure. If you have an outside wall you can have the wall opened up so that the glass blocks become your outside wall. Glass blocks are perfectly suited to a wet environment and will not be affected by the moisture. Glass blocks wont tend to yellow or cloud like other materials, which are commonly used in the bathroom environment.

Another great location to consider using glass block is in your kitchen. Since counter tops tend to need large supports, this design necessity often has the negative consequence of making the kitchen dark and closed off. By using glass block to support your counter top, or even to have glass block form a portion of your kitchen walls allows light into the space while still helping to segment the area off. Glass block is great for use in a kitchen as well since it is very easy to clean and wont be affected by grease and other kitchen hazards. It doesn’t stain and is also fire resistant.

For family living rooms and den areas a great design idea is to look at any partition walls, and consider replacing them with a wall made of out glass block. This will still help to keep the family room separate from the rest of the house, yet will allow more light into the space. Unlike normal wall material – glass block doesn’t require any upkeep – so no painting, or refinishing needed. Glass block will retain its great look year after year.

Throughout your house, glass block can add additional light, preserve your security and privacy, and increase the appeal and value of your home. It’s a great idea to consider glass block whenever you are attempting to let more light into any given room.

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