Using the Online Post Office

All of us dread certain errands, such as going down to the post office. Waiting in a long line for a simple change of address form is just such a hassle. But did you know you can avoid having to step foot in your post office? Almost everything has an online presence and that includes the United States Postal Service (

The convenience of using the post office online line is ridiculously easy. For one dollar, you can save on gas money and change your address in under 2 minutes. The fee ($1) for changing your address online is very small and it also serves to verify your identity. All you have to do is put in your old address, your new address, and a credit or debit card for the one dollar fee. That’s it.

Changing your address isn’t the only thing you can do with the post office online. With the postal service’s new Click-N-Ship option, you can even print your own postage or shipping labels online. Get shipping supplies online from the Postal Store at no cost. No monthly fee is required to print labels or postage using Click-N-Ship. If you want to ship something, it’s easy to purchase USPS insurance online. Once you’ve shipped your parcel, the post office online makes it easy to track and confirm the location of the package.

With a few clicks at the post office, you can have your mail held, redelivered, forwarded, or even get a P.O. Box. You can schedule a pickup of a package instead of hauling it down to your local post office. If you choose Carrier Pickup, your mail carrier will pickup the package when delivering your regular mail. With Carrier Pickup, you are not charged at all, no matter how many packages you have. If you choose the Pickup On Demand service, the charge is $13.25 per pickup, regardless of the number of packages. In both cases, the maximum weight of a package cannot exceed 70 and postage must be on the package.

You can also be sent shipping supplies, such as forms, boxes and shipping envelopes, at absolutely no charge to you. Items such as stationary, greeting cards, postcards, scales, and etc. are available for purchase at the post office online.

Many forms can be completed online. However, the United States Postal Service makes all forms available to print on your printer.

And in case you were thinking about applying for a post office job, you can do that online too. You can search for a mail processing job or a corporate career. Employment forms are available and you can even apply for your exam.

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