Utah DUI Penalties

Most people think that a DUI just means driving under the influence of alcohol, but it also applies to drugs too. Medicine from the pharmacy also does count in the case of a DUI. I am not an attorney. This article is for educational purposes only. In Utah DUI’s due to having a level of .08 grams are considered a class B misdemeanor or in certain situations then it is a class A misdemeanor.

Some people fight DUI’s cases and some win the cases. I strongly suggest that you get an attorney that specializes in DUI cases if you decide to fight a DUI case. One thing about an attorney is that they know the loopholes in the laws and are masters at law since they know it better than the average person. If you need an attorney then check your local phone book or ask someone that u know if they can recommend one.

What are the Utah DUI Penalties?

The Utah DUI Penalties for the first or second offense usually result in your drivers license being suspended for a certain amount of time and you have to pay a large fee anywhere from $700 up to $1500.00 to the court and/or also be required to do community service hours. You can also be ordered by the judge to go into a substance abuse treatment program.

Utah DUI Penalties for the first offense or second offense and beyond can also result in jail time of at least 48 hours or up to 1,500 hours in jail or more depending upon the situation. You may also have to do community service. The judge can also decide to put you on probation and also being ordered to home confinement through a monitoring device.

In extreme cases some of the Utah DUI Penalties if you had a alcohol level .16 or higher then the judge can also order you to have a device placed in your vehicle that you have to breath into every time you go to start your vehicle. The device prevents you from driving if you have been drinking any alcohol at all.

Can a person convicted of a DUI in Utah get their drivers license back?

If it is the persons first or second offense with getting a DUI and after the persons drivers license has been suspended for a certain amount of time decided upon by the judge then the person is usually allowed to get their drivers license if they have met all the court ordered requirements such as the completion of substance abuse treatment program, home confinement, community service hours, and fees. If a person keeps getting DUI’s then the persons driver license will get suspended even more longer on each offense. If the person is on probation then he or she needs to make sure that they don’t get into trouble with the law again.

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