VOIP: Why Should You Switch to Voip Phone Service?

There is a new phone service on the block! Voice over internet protical is commonly abrivated voip. This new technology alows the user the tranfer ther voice over a high speed internet connection, via a reaular phone. There are servral distinct advantages that you, the cunsomer, should consider when thinking of switching to voip.

The first consideration is cost. Let us take for exaple, vonage, the leading voip provider. For residencal service vonage charges $25 monthly. That includes all of the common phone features, such as call waiting and caller id, as well as untimited long distance. That is considerable savings over traditional phone companys who not only charge for long distance but for some of the calling features privously mentioned.

The second consideration is convinence. When you have service with a voip provider you can take your phone number with you as you travel. Your voip service is recived through an adapter and hooked to a regular phone. As long as there is a highspeed internet rounter or modem you can connect to, your phone will work anywhere!

The third cosideration is competetion. Phone companys have had it easy for a long time beacuse there was no one to compete with them. They didn’t lower rates because they diddn’t have to. This are changing now and the more people that switch to Voip the more money the phone companys lose. If they lose enouph money they will be forced to compete with voip providers and that means lower rates for their subscribers.

What ever reason you chose to make the switch from regaular landlinr service to Voip service rest asured that you desison is sound.

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