Vacation Off-Season for Discounts

People choose vacations based on all different needs and wants. I want to go to a tropical island. I need to go when the kids are out of school. Choosing to visit a tourist attraction off season or off hours can save you from fighting the crowds and save you money.

Off season doesn’t have to mean going to the beach in the dead of winter. It can mean going to the beach one week before the main season begins and paying up to half off at some hotels or resorts. Disney World can be a treat when you get off season prices. It can make a vacation for a family of four much more affordable.

With internet technology you can check what the weather averages throughout the year are in many destinations. What may be off season for their industry may be just right for you. Off season in Florida can mean seventy-five degree temperatures, a pure delight considering the humidity and higher temperatures in the summer. Summer marks school being out, and more families traveling. They will be paying higher prices and seeing higher temperatures in the nineties.

Visiting an amusement park early in the day will have you a foot up on the crowds who wonder in around lunchtime. Six Flags Great Adventure in New Jersey is open weekends throughout April and May. Many people don’t think of this park as being open until after Memorial Day. The lines are much shorter which means you go on more rides in less time. It makes a great spring family outing.

At the end of the summer beach season is a great time to visit boardwalks. Vendors are giving away prizes much easier and some at a two for one rate. The weather is ideal in September to still wear short sleeves, the crowds are gone, and it can become a more enjoyable and relaxing experience for your family.

Another great tip is if you are able to, is to take last minute vacations. There are many discounts for people who can book vacations quickly within a short period of time. Some places consider thirty days a short time, while others want you to respond with seven to fourteen days. Many timeshares and vacation clubs offer discounts for last minute trips, because of unfilled vacancies. Hotels may also offer discounts at the last minute if they have a lot of empty rooms. When you call for a reservation ask if the rate they are offering you is the best they can do. A lot of times a small discount can be offered.

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