Veronica Mars TV Series Quiz

The dramatic series Veronica Mars, created by Rob Thomas, will enter its third season this fall. Originally airing on the UPN Network, the show will make the move to the new CW Network. Veronica Mars will now air Tuesday nights at 9:00 p.m. following Gilmore Girls, forming a female-centered night for the CW network. Along with America’s Next Top Model and Everybody Hates Chris, Veronica Mars is one of the few ex-UPN series being counted on to bring in viewers to the new network.

Veronica Mars stars Kristen Bell (Reefer Madness, Deadwood) as the title character, a teenager who moonlights as a private detective. Her father Keith Mars, played by Enrico Colantoni (Just Shoot Me), owns and operates Mars Investigations, and often enlists his daughter’s help. Veronica struggles to balance her schoolwork, her social life, and helping out her father in Veronica Mars. The show also stars Percy Daggs III as Veronica’s best friend Wallace Fennel, Jason Dohring as Veronica’s sometime boyfriend, and Francis Capra as local thug Weevil.


1. What is the name of Veronica’s dog?

2. What discovery did Veronica make while working on an alumni photo project?

3. Who originally confessed and was sent to jail for Lily’s murder?

4. One of Veronica’s friends was switched at birth. Which friend was it?

5. What is FAMBLA?

6. Veronica and Wallace visit what college?

7. If Dick and Cassidy die at the same time who gets an 8 figure sum from the insurance policy?

8. What school subject does Beaver tutor Weevil in?

9. What was the name of the little league team Woody coached?

10. Who is Jackie’s dad?

11. Who did Logan kiss right before Lily died?

12. What is the first name of Veronica’s mom?

13. What’s in Veronica’s mom’s safety deposit box?

14. What is Mac’s real first name?

15. What is the name of the company Duncan’s dad owns?

16. Where is the show set?


1. The dog’s name is Backup

2. Her mom and Jake Kane were high school sweethearts

3. Abel Koontz was sent to prison for the murder

4. Mac

5. Future Business Leaders of America, a group Veronica joins at school

6. the fictitional Hearst University

7. Kendall Casablancas

8. Algebra

9. The Sharks

10. Ex baseball player Terrence Cook

11. Yolanda, a hip-hop producer’s daughter

12. Lianne

13. surveillance photo of Veronica with a gun drawn over her head

14. Cindy, Mac is taken from her last name Mackenzie.

15. Kane Software

16. Neptune, California

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