Victim in Fatal Crash Still Unknown After Eleven Years

There are still few clues to the identity of a man who died as a passenger in a fatal car accident on June 26, 1995 in Greensville County in Virginia. The accident occurred as the Driver fell asleep in his van on his way to South Carolina. The driver was identified after his death, but his family had no idea who the deceased passenger was.

At the time of his death the unidentified passenger of the van was wearing blue jeans, blue FILA Athletic shoes that were size 11 1/2, a necklace and a red concert T-shirt of the Grateful Dead, Tour 30th Anniversary 1995. He also had in his possession two ticket stubs to a Grateful Dead concert that took place the day before at RFK Stadium in Washington, D.C. It is believed that this man had been hitchhiking when the driver of the van picked him up.

The unknown victim was described as being around 5’8 inches and 169 pounds. He had all his teeth and no restoration work done on them. He had shoulder length red hair and brown eyes. On his left arm, he had a small homemade tattoo of a five-pointed star. His age has been estimated to be between the ages of sixteen and twenty-one.

It is possible that the victim was following the Grateful Dead Tour that summer. He did leave behind one important clue that could point to his identity. A note was found in his pocket; it read, “To Jason, Sorry we had to go. See you around. Caroline O. and Caroline T.”
The note also contained a phone number with a 914 prefix but no area code.

This man’s case has been listed on several well-known websites such as the Nation Center for Missing and Exploited Children and the Doe Network. He has even been the discussion of several Internet forums where posters try to match his information to that of known missing persons. So far neither they, nor Law Enforcement has had any luck.
If you have any idea who this young man may be, please contact the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner in Virginia at 1-800-447-1706.

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