Video Game Console Safety for Children

When it comes to video games, parents like to keep an eye on the video game ratings to make sure the game their child wants is age appropriate. One area of video game safety overlooked is the safety of the video game console itself. Certain precautions can be taken with video game consoles and young children that will prevent injury to the child and damage to the equipment.

Use wireless controllers. Kids will obviously want to be near you while playing. Make it safer floor by purchasing wireless controllers. If you use wired controllers, make sure that the cords are long enough that they drag the ground and do not hang in the air between the TV and player. Sometimes this is just right to clothesline a running child or get the console knocked over. There are extensions you can buy for controllers that will broaden their length.

Placement and care of the console will help keep the risk to children and damage to the unit at a minimum. Video game consoles can become quite warm after being on for a while. Keep consoles out of children’s reach. Sometimes consoles can even wind up very low-even on the floor. This is a bad practice as children can easily touch and step on them.

Take care to put game discs back into their proper place. Small children will not have access to them and they won’t get broken. Besides if games are in their protective casings, then they will last longer. A good way to protect games is to purchase disc protectors. Disc protectors will prevent scratching and other harmful marks from happening on the game disc.

Small kids love to shove objects into orifices they don’t belong. Kids will shove food into VCRs so the same may be true for video game consoles. Most console trays are not hard to open especially when a curious toddler is watching your every move. Be aware of kids with food and your electronics. Sure it’ll make a great story to tell eventually-just ask my brother about the tomato he found in his VCR.

When you purchase a video game console, register your product. Take the time to fill out the postcard-sized registration. Most electronic dealers now have online registration to make it that much easier. By registering you will be informed of any recalls for your console and receive replacement parts.

Video game consoles are great entertainment for all ages. A few safety precautions will keep the fun going for years and keep young children safe.

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