Video Game Technology: Latest Accessories from E3

Video game technology accessories update every year. At E3 those new toys are displayed and reviewed for gamers everywhere. This past year brought some excellent accessories that range from virtual reality to a charging base that makes charging remotes as easy as putting them down.

Cool Headsets

The Oculus Rift is a virtual reality release that is in full 1080 HD. It is designed to be completely comfortable and realistic beyond anyone’s expectations. It forms to match the eyes so the player can see everything. In fact, it’s so realistic that some people may experience vertigo when they climb to heights in the game. Priced to release at $300, it isn’t cheap; but considering how realistic it makes the game, it’s well worth the cost. Some aspects to note.

– On the Xbox 360, the controller tracks the head movements of the player.

– There is a multiplayer Demo that comes with the headset.

– People that wear glasses can wear his or her glasses underneath the goggles.

– It takes a few minutes to get used to normal life visually speaking, after the game.

– Some testers experienced nausea.

– The release date is pending.

Nyko Charge Base

This base holds any Xbox One or PlayStation 4 controller. It offers two charging stations that allows two controllers to be charged at one time. The Playstation 4 has a rechargeable dongle for extended use and gaming. Here are some things to note.

– This will release at the same time as each console. That will allow buyers to purchase it separate from the consoles in time for the holidays. They allow for extended play and can save a lot of money in batteries. Any gamer that has played prior wireless consoles knows how expensive those batteries can be.

– The use of these chargers can allow gamers to charge other controllers while they play. When that controller needs to be charged, they will have another ready to go.

– The prices of the chargers will be released at a later date as the holidays arrive.

No matter which accessory a gamer chooses, they will find that game play is extended and made even more enjoyable. The latest accessories of the future offer even more fun in E3 years to come. What that technology will be remains yet to be seen.

Sources: E3 2013, Sony and Microsoft

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