Vinegar is a Useful Furniture Deodorizer that Actually Works

Furniture can start to create some odors over time. As your furniture ages it can get some smells that you would rather not have in your house. If you have pets that you allow on your furniture then your furniture is very susceptible to odors. You can get furniture deodorizers in various forms from stores but I prefer using vinegar. Vinegar does a very nice job of neutralizing unpleasant odors in a way that is natural and easy to use.

When I use vinegar to deodorize my furniture I like to put the vinegar in a spray bottle. That way you can spray the vinegar consistently over the furniture in a nice even amount. The vinegar does a better job of deodorizing the furniture when it is spread out evenly. I like to use an all purpose vinegar when I use it to deodorize furniture. All purpose vinegar can be bought in large quantities and will last a long time once you purchase it. You can also use the vinegar for many other things besides just deodorizing furniture so it will help eliminate some other cleaners and let you have more cupboard space.

Vinegar is an inexpensive furniture deodorizer and best yet it is all natural. Once the vinegar is applied to furniture it is safe to sit on the furniture since it is used without harsh chemicals. Some furniture deodorizers use all kinds of chemicals in there deodorizers. I prefer to be natural all the way.

When you use vinegar to deodorize I always check on a spot of the furniture that will not be seen to be absolutely sure that the vinegar will not harm the fabric. Just put a drop of the vinegar on a piece of the fabric that is not seen and let it dry. Check the spot after it has dried to see if any damage has been done. If the fabric is ok then the vinegar is safe to use on that fabric. I have never seen a fabric get damage by the use of vinegar.

After you have checked to make sure the fabric will not be damaged by the vinegar you can spray the whole piece of furniture with the vinegar. Try to get the underside of the furniture too as it can accumulate odors. Spray the piece of furniture once and if the odor is still present you can spray it again. The furniture may smell like vinegar afterwards but that will disappear. When you use a commercial brand of furniture deodorizer it too will leave an odor of it’s own after you use it.

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