Vintage Wood Rolling Pin Drawer Pulls You Can Make Yourself

Looking to update or remodel your kitchen, child’s dresser, child’s bathroom, art studio, or garage workspace. These simple Vintage Wood Rolling Pin Drawer pulls are a simple project that anyone can do. Vintage Wood Rolling Pins really make great drawer pulls.

They allow you to create a vintage or retro theme and give your art studio, child’s bedroom, garage workspace, or kitchen an eclectic and updated look at the same time.

You can find Vintage Wood Rolling Pins in a variety of places. I always run into boxes of them at flea markets and yard sales Just be creative and have a little fun. One tip though, you need to use rolling that have been made of wood. You will be drilling through them.

To Turn Vintage Wood Rolling Pins Into Kitchen Drawer Pulls You Will Need;

Vintage Wood Rolling Pins

Power Drill

Drill Bit


Nuts (optional)

Washers (optional)

1 Scrap 2X4 or piece of plywood

Duct Tape

Ok, so now that you found your Vintage Wood Rolling Pins the first thing you need to do it lay out your 2X4 or scrap plywood on a flat work surface. Now, I like to duct tap this scrap wood to the surface so it will not move. You could also have a friend hold it in place.

Now, you need to tape the Vintage Wood Rolling Pins down to your scrap piece of wood. I like to run one strip of duct tape across the middle of the Vintage Wood Rolling Pins.

Do not cover the ends.

Now, use your power drill, with the wood cutting drill bit, to drill a hole in each end of the Vintage Wood Rolling Pins. I like to make the hole about �½ inch in from the edged, but you can judge the best location on your own pieces. You can do this through the handle or through the pin.

Tip: If the new drawer pulls will be attaching to kitchen drawers with existing hardware holes, then try to match the holes you drill on your Vintage Wood Rolling Pins to that hole. It will make this project a lot easier for you.

Now, brush away any dust carefully with a clean cloth.

To install the Vintage Wood Rolling Pins on kitchen drawers that already have pre dilled hole you can use your screw to attach the left side of the Vintage Wood Rolling Pins. Simply attach the nut and washed run the back inside the drawer. Now, slowly line your Wood Rulers up to match the other existing hole. Attach the screw, nut, and washer as before.

Tip: You need to use a longer screw, about 4 inches longer than your rolling pin is wide to turn these into handles. Slip the screw through the Vintage Wood Rolling Pins. On the back slide on three to four nuts. Now, slip the handle into place on the drawer. One the back screw on some more nuts to hold it into place.

This is how you turn your Vintage Wood Rolling Pins into a handle.

If there are no pre existing holes for drawer and cabinet hardware in your kitchen, then change out your drill bit for regular old drill bit and pre drill your holes to match your Vintage Wood Rolling Pins.

Tip: If you are worried about the resale of your home later, then you could pre drill these holes to match standard sized kitchen cabinet hardware sizes than are currently on the market. Then when the time comes to move you can take your Vintage Wood Rolling Pins kitchen cabinet pulls with you!

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