Virgin Mobile Has a Camera Phone by Audiovox Called the Snapper

My new favorite thing is my recently purchased Virgin Mobile Camera Phone – The Audiovox Snapper. It’s really more like a pocket-size person than a phone and I wouldn’t go anywhere without it.

The Snapper is a small and sleek flip phone-black with a 1.8 inch color main screen and a one inch black and white sub-display screen. The sub-screen displays any incoming call numbers, so even if you have the phone set to auto-flip answer mode you can still screen calls. That’s a feature that my old phone didn’t have. I always prefer the flip phone models to other kinds because the flip cover prevents keys from getting pressed unwittingly without the need of any codes or passwords to lock and unlock the keypad.

The Snapper has a 310k pixel camera with a flash, and image sending and receiving capabilities. Pictures taken with the phone are in JPG format for easy use which makes it incredibly simple to send and receive pics to almost any email address and most mobile phones. I have spent more time than I care to admit using the image messaging feature to send moving and talking smileys from my computer to my phone.

This phone also has web browsing capability, with its Java enabled 2.0 browser. Just what did we all do when we weren’t able to check email and surf the web from our tiny phones? How did we get by? I don’t know, but thank goodness for modern technology. Now, if only Word had a smiley I could insert to show my slight sarcasm there. I could spend hours surfing the web, checking email; downloading games, graphics, and ringtones if I wanted to…and I have.

The Snapper is just as equipped for sound entertainment as visual; it is compatible with MIDI, MP3, or QCELP audio formats. My favorite audio feature of all is Song I.D.. I just hold my phone up to any digitally recorded song that’s playing, call *43, and then I receive a text message telling me the song title and artist. How great is that? No more punching little blips of lyrics I misheard on the radio into’s search box, hoping they’ll know what I’m talking about.

Some of the more standard features this phone has are: two-way speakerphone, voice activated dialing, and a 300 entry phone book. It’s battery life is pretty decent too, providing three hours of talk time and seven days of standby time before it needs to be charged again.

I really love The Snapper and for $99 it’s a bargain. If you’re interested in The Snapper, check it out on Virgin Mobile USA and take a peek at the accessories while you’re there too.

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