Visit These Steakhouses for the Best Meat in Boston

When it comes to going out to dinner, there are hundreds and hundreds of options. It all depends on what type of food you like, the atmosphere, and whom you are going with. If you are like me however, a nice piece of filet mignon is what makes a good dinner great. One of the best places in the country to experience some great meat is right in Boston, where there are plenty of options to choose from. Whether it’s an average Joe’s type of place where you get a big beer with your meal, or a high end dining experience where there are 10 different red wines that go with your meal, Boston has it all.

The first place that you need to visit is Abe and Louie’s on Boylston Street. Abe and Louie’s is known across the country as one of the best places anywhere for steak and other fare. Located in the heart of the Back Bay, it offers beautiful leather booths, and high vaulted gold leafed ceilings to compliment the dining experience. Their filet is to die for, and their seafood selection is as good as some of the seafood restaurants in the area. The surf and turf is known throughout the city as one of the must haves, and the preparation of all their dishes will have you coming back for more. Abe and Louie’s also have plenty of meals for those who aren’t into eating meat. Although the price range can be a little high, Abe and Louie’s should be on your list if you want the best steak and a great place to enjoy it.

One of the hottest spots anywhere is the Grill 23 and Bar also in the Back Bay and located at 161 Berkeley St. Grill 23 is fast becoming the place to be for meat and wine, and most of the high powered brokers and businessmen frequent here for meetings and conversation. It may seem as though you are going to pay an arm and a leg for a meal, but the prices are fare and will definitely be worth it when you try some of Chef Jay Murray’s dishes. The menu has the traditional steakhouse fare, yet Murray has concocted a lobster-coral gazpacho with avocado ice cream that is unbelievable. If you are bold, you should try the caraway-crusted salmon, one of the best dishes on the menu. The wine selection is top notch and you can find a bottle to go with any of the meals available. Be sure to hit up Grill 23 on the way to your next power meeting.

The opulent Capital Grille on Newbury St. should be your ultimate destination for a prime piece of meat. Although it is one of the more expensive places in town, the portions and atmosphere are worth the price. Huge shrimp cocktails start off as an excellent appetizer, and should be followed by their renowned 24-ounce porterhouse that has been dry-aged for the perfect taste. World-class mashed potatoes compliment every meal and should be eaten in moderation as to not spoil your appetite. Ask your waiter for a wine choice and they’ll be sure to give you a huge selection with bottle ranging anywhere from $30 and up. Be sure to bring your platinum card, as meals can get pricey. The Capital Grille is worth every penny though. There is also another one located on Boylston St.

Go to Boston for steak and you won’t be disappointed. Some of the best steakhouses in the country are located minutes from downtown and will give you one of the best dining experiences anywhere.

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