Visiting Las Vegas, Nevada

Sin City, better known as Las Vegas, is a gamblers mecca and home to many unique and mostly adult oriented attractions. Hyped as a hedonistic paradise for people from all walks of life, Las Vegas is a great place to visit for a good time. Ride a Gondola, gamble, skydive indoors, visit the Grand Canyon, and more in this crazy, vibrant city.

Ride a Gondola
Ride a Gondola at The Venetian Hotel. The Venetian offers indoor and outdoor gondola rides to and from St. Mark’s Square. You’ll have a great time on this ride; it is definitely something different.

Casino Hotels
The sheer opulence and over-the-top luxury of the hotels make amazing sights, especially in the evening. Even if you’re not interested in gambling, hotels like the Luxor, the Excalibur, the MGM, the Venetian, the New-York New-York, the Bellagio, the Mirage, Caesars and the Wynn are all worth visiting just to ogle the wealth and largesse of these legendary hotels

Flyaway Indoor Skydiving
Flyaway is a vertical wind tunnel that simulates the freefall experience of skydiving. If you’ve ever wanted to skydive but can’t work up the courage to jump from a plane, Flyaway Indoor Skydiving is the next best option. Prices are a bit steep, but Flyaway is definitely worth checking out. They charge $60 for one flight session and one training session, and an additional $35 for another flight purchased the same day. They also have family and packages available for individuals or groups. If you choose to participate, you’ll get to fly in a column of air twelve feet across and up to twenty-two feet high. With vertical airspeeds of up to 120 mph, it’s an experience you won’t forget.

The Grand Canyon
The Grand Canyon is another faous wonder of the world that you should visit if you’re in Las Vegas. Deep canyons provide spectacular views and there are numerous vista points and hiking trails in and around the Grand Canyon. There are Jeep tours that will take you out on a day trip, you can rent a car and drive, or even fly-there are companies that offer flights to and from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon.

The Stratosphere is a great place to visit as you can see Las Vegas in its entirety. Take an elevator to the top, and visit the restaurant and bar. Reminiscent of Seattle’s Space Needle, it is worth seeing day or night for one of the best views of the city.

Hoover Dam
Hoover dam is regarded one of the greatest wonders of the modern world, and if you visit, you’ll see why. The construction of Hoover Damn catapulted the small mimng town of Las Vegas, Nevada into a center of business development and industry. Less than an hours drive from Las Vegas, Hoover Dam is a must-see if you visit Las Vegas.

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