Visiting San Francisco, CA: The City by the Bay

San Francisco has some hidden treasures that anybody and everybody will love.Ã?¯Ã?¿Ã?½It’s windy, but in the summer and fall it’s warm, nice, and a wonderful place to visit.

The Chinatown in S.F. is one of the largest in the United States offering both traditional Chinese foods along with Dim Sum, a cheaper Chinese food – appetizer like. The whole place spans over ten blocks. And if you’re into fire works for the fourth of July then can be bought there and they’re very inexpensive.

Coit tower offers views of the entire city. A visitor can see all the way down to South San Francisco to the Golden Gate Bridge. It’s a great spot to watch the fogbanks roll in from the ocean during sunset.

The Fisherman’s Wharf, which is right down by the boat harbor is a great way to get a lunch or dinner. There are many a great seafood restaurant and visitors, if they’re into cooking for themselves will enjoy the fresh fish, lobster, and crab. Make sure to try the crab cakes at any one of the restaurants or the oysters. They’re delicious.

And right next to the wharf is the Maritime National Aquatic Park, which has plenty of seals and boats to gawk at. The seals are loud and always a crowed gatherer.

One of the greatest sights in San Francisco, which only takes ten minutes to get to from either the middle of the city or downtown. Visitors can take photographs of either the bridge or are welcome to walk out and take photographs of the city or ocean from the bridge itself.

Downtown there are a few places to visit: 1) the Museum of Modern Art, 2) Market st. and, 3) the Ryatt Regency hotel. They are each unique and offer visitors various different accommodations and activities. If you’re into art you’ll love the Modern Museum of Art. If you need a luxurious place to stay you’ll want to try the Hyatt. If your wanting to see where many of the Vietnam movements and they hippie revolution of the sixties and seventies started then your going to want to check out one of they many shops on Haight St.

And of course it’s hard to forget the oceans of San Francisco, which can be cold at time, but still makes for a good swim. Surfers have their choice of either surfing in the bay itself or outside of the bay. It’s said that the best waves are on the inside the bay itself, but that they can crash a little hard, making them for more advanced surfers.

The Golden Gate Park, which sits in the middle of the city, is worth the trip just to relax, offers many other activities like art and during the summer, the Shakespeare in the park plays. There is also the China Gardens house to visit, which is free to go to along with any of the museums the first Tuesday of the month.

In the Golden State Recreation Area sits the Fort Point Historic Site, a site where in the 1800’s was built a large five story fort with battery Cranston, battery Marcus Millar, Godfrey, east, and Langcastor, which have all their original canons in tack. The fort and the various batteries are quite a sight.

For free and for a good time with the family it’s easy to just go down the famous crooked street, Lombard. And, although it’s always been popular, it’s never to crowded and always worth the trip, especially if you have young kids.

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