Vitamins and Minerals Key to a Healthy Body, Could Prevent a Heart Attack

I have been involved in nutrition on a personal level for many years and made some amazing discoveries. First of all we have to understand how nutrition plays a vital part in the human body and not only the everyday maintenance of health and vitality but also the very creation of new cells for growth, repairs, cellular defense of vital processes. All in order to maintain health and life in the human body.

We don’t put enough importance on maintaining that health. Or vitality so necessary to continued quality of life.

Did you know heart attacks may not just be from high cholesterol or stress? It may simply be a lack of vitamins and/or minerals?!*

I know, because I had a close brush with death and it left a strong, uh… impression on me. Over the years I had begun to gain weight. But because of injuries to feet and knees was not able to exercise as much and so I resorted to extreme diets. A new one I tried was the “Water Diet”. Back then the author of this didn’t specify you first have to bring up -seriously- your vitamin and nutritional levels. I had been eating sweets for a week but I didn’t think that much as I was really big on vegetables and fruit.
Certain groups believe that refined sugar leeches vitamins (literally) from your body** although I didn’t know that then. When this happens your body is in ‘nutritional distress’ and you may not know it until its too late (if you were like me and didn’t read the ‘signals’. For me it was almost too late).

I went on this ‘Water Diet’ as it was called and, unknown to me, my body was already in distress and this was the last diet I should have been on. I’m not saying it was a bad diet. It was just a bad time for my body as I was to learn later.

By the end of the 2nd day I was dizzy, my heart was feeling very sore and I was blacking out. I had to call a neighbor to come and help me. He took me to ER and once there they learned I hadn’t eaten in two days, ran a ‘panel’ and found out that I was extremely low in electrolytes and potassium, etc. They wouldn’t release me from the hospital until I drank at least two glasses of pure orange juice. This was different. No injections. No pills. Just orange juice. (I didn’t realize how lucky I was!)

Once I returned home I stopped doing the Water Diet and felt it had to do with my diet in general but didn’t totally understand the connection. The orange juice was full of sugar. Confusing. I began to suffer from chest pains and erratic heartbeats, etc. on an intermittent basis. As time went on I began to suffer symptoms almost every day. It went on like that daily for almost two years until I happened to walk into a health food store in Las Vegas, Nevada.

I happened to mention to the clerk that I had been having chest pains and my heart was beating erratically for almost a year and a half. She said she had just the thing. She came from behind the counter and took a bottle of pills from the shelf and handed them to me. I read the label. They were very expensive clear capsules filled with powdered vitamins and minerals. She said, “Read the ingredients.”

I did. Admittedly, they had high concentrations. Calcium. Magnesium. Iron. Potassium.*** I was generally familiar with them but what did that have to do with my problem? I just nodded not sure what to say. With no reaction forthcoming she asked,
“What is the biggest muscle in the human body?”

I was still thinking about that one and she replied.

“The heart. The heart is the biggest muscle in the body and it can’t operate or survive without each of those minerals. Without them you would have the same symptoms you have been having.” I was stunned! She had to be kidding.

“You mean that I have been suffering with these symptoms for almost two years and it was all because I didn’t have enough minerals!?”

“Yes. You could have had a heart attack. I think its’ a miracle you survived that long without one!”

I bought that bottle on the spot and later (upon her recommendation) a sports drink that she explained that would give me greater and quicker absorption for the missing electrolytes I probably needed as well. She had something similar in the store but they were too expensive and suggested the sports drink. I had stopped at a 7-11 and got it.

As soon as I had taken the first couple of swallows of the sports drink I felt a sort of ‘easing’ âÂ?¦hard to describe.
Then after taking the pills and drinking more of it, I noticed a definite calming down of my chest and heart beat. My entire chest wall was easing and less tight. Settling down. I couldn’t believe it!

By the second day my heart beat was back to normal. The soreness that I had lived with in my chest was slowly going too. I was blown away! How close had I come to having a heart attack? Only God knows. But thru hind sight this is what probably had happened…

Refined sugar being the possible culprit (its heavily in the average American diet although rarely talked about openly or in the mainstream. Sugar is such an addictive additive, that its’ even in food products that aren’t categorized as sweets. Ketchup. Hamburger buns. I would suggest that each person start taking responsibility for what they buy and what they put into their bodies.)

So, when I had decided to go on the water (purification) diet my nutritional level was already at a very low point thru the sugar I had eaten. So without taking vitamins or minerals to replace the loss my body was in nutritional distress but not enough to show outward symptoms. And, of course, water being a great purifier and cleanser, it cleaned out my entire system including the Alimentary Canal thus taking out the last remnants of electrolytes and vitamins I had.

After 2 days my body was in acute distress and that’s why I ended up in ER.

Ever had a toothache? Well, next time, after making an appointment to see your dentist, try cutting out all sugar for up to one week and take doses of liquid vitamins and minerals *** to replace what was lost. They have some excellent products on the market these days. The one I liked was liquid minerals (but the sprays are even better depending). In liquid form vitamins and minerals are more readily absorbed into the body rather than taking the long route thru the stomach and colon where the risk of losing the potency are greatly increased.

Once you give your body the nutrition its’ been starving for you might be pleasantly surprised. Your teeth aren’t aching anymore. Or loose. Of course, still go to the dentist. But now you are aware that there may be a cause that you can remedy, if you learn to listen to your body.

Having made these discoveries I learned from experience and have accepted them as my core beliefs. That’s not to say you have to believe every word I say! The point I’m trying to make is for you to take responsibility for your health and do the research necessary to become informed. Educated. Then go from there.

If you are a sugar addict (and we all know someone who is) start by decreasing the use of refined sugar and substitute with natural ones (and I don’t mean the artificial ones.) Try calling a few health food stores and asking what natural organic sweeteners they offer. Try using honey. Or blackstrap molasses as a sweetener in your tea (takes a bit of getting used to) but its’ full of iron, potassium, zinc, etc. Fructose is another that comes to mind.

Start becoming conscious of what your body is trying to tell you. If you start being aware that those aches and pains maybe calls for help give the body what it needs and demands. And don’t misunderstand me. Water is the most overlooked, ignored element of the human body today****. And it is something the average American never drinks in any great quantities. Coffee, soda, etc is mostly the drink-of-choice.

But dehydration can deliver at-risk and severe underlying health issues. Yes. All you had to do was drink more water. Every day. And don’t forget the liquid mineralsâÂ?¦

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