Wallpaper Removal Made Easy

Wallpaper removal appears to be a daunting task that we tend to put off. However, sometimes it is a job that needs to be and if you are removing wallpaper from dry walls, then there are a few tips you need to know. Wallpaper sticks to the paper facing of a dry wall and when you try to remove it you can damage your wall by taking the gypsum core off the drywall.

If your days off are very limited then the last thing you want to face is a large room which needs to be redecorated. You need to select a time that the job can be done all at the same time and allow yourself the time and preparation in order to avoid stress. If you are planning on applying new wallpaper to your room or even if you are planning to paint the walls, preparation of your walls is essential.

Removing old wallpaper needs time and effort in order to prepare for new decoration. Here are a few time-saving tips on who to do the job with ease:

WALLPAPER REMOVAL: A few basis “must do’s”:

* Ensure the room is fully cleared and cleaned before you start

* If your furniture is too large to remove from the room place it in the central part of the room

* Cover up any furniture or items left in the room with a decorating sheet

* Test the wallpaper on the wall and ascertain if it can be peeled or do you need a steam remover

* If you can peel the wallpaper directly off the wall then ensure that you have all the correct tools

* For direct peeling you will need a wallpaper scraper, a metal scrubber and a few sheets of sanding paper

* Special wallpaper solutions are available in stores however be sure to check how toxic the solution is

* Commercial solutions can be very high in toxins which can burn your skin. Gloves may be required

* If the wallpaper is too hard to remove then you can hire or purchase a steam wallpaper removal system

* Wallpaper removal steamers can pose a hazard to ensure that you do not burn yourself

Whatever method you use being prepared is vital. When you have removed your wallpaper through the traditional method or through the use of a steam wallpaper removal system, take your metal scrubber and clean down your wall thoroughly. Ensure that all the old glue on the removed wallpaper has completely dried into the walls before you use your metal scrubber. A little old-fashioned elbow grease is required and take time in the preparation of your walls and prep them correctly for your next project.

When you have finished and if you are going to apply new wallpaper to your clean surface, and are strapped for time, you can hang your new wallpaper on different days. Some people think that if you don’t apply new wallpaper on the same day you may get shrinkage or stretching. This is not the case.

One vital hint is to only paste up and and book as many sheets of wallpaper that you can hang in one hour. This same theory applied to wallpaper that has to be matched-up, wallpaper with a pattern etc.,. Wallpaper expands as the same rate each day it is applied hence you will not have any matching problems whatsoever.

Remember, wallpaper removal can be very messy and time-consuming so you have to ensure to get it right the first time. Enjoy!

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