Want to Meet a Model? Check Out These Cities

Models. Beautiful women. We all would like to meet them. Men would like to meet them for obvious reasons. Women would like to meet them to learn some of their secrets. But where do you go to meet such beautiful people.

Here is a list of some of the top cities

Aspen – Snowmass Village.

Yes, models as well as many of the rich and famous come to Aspen for the premiere skiing. Reports say that both Heidi Klum and Kate Moss have been spotted in Aspen. The trendy Caribou Club is a must to check out, if you can get in to it. It’s a private club and has been listed by the New York Post as being the best private Club in North America.

Tokyo – Shinjuku

Shinjuku is known for its unbelievable shopping venues as well as its adult entertainment district. The gay nightclub scene is also very well known. This is a city that always stays packed with visitors.

Paris – Quartier Latin

Paris. What is a model not to love here? The Quartier Latin is one of the hippest neighborhoods in Paris. It dates back to the 13th Century. The neighborhood is full of models and university students. This city also houses the Muse Cluny museum.

London – Soho

Soho has always been known as being cool and trendy. It houses many fine bars, clubs and trendy shopping. Liz Hurley has been spotted in London several times. Many models have been spotted dancing the night away Notting Hill Arts Club.

Cannes – -La Croisette

In May La Croisette hosts the famous Cannes International Film Festival. This event brings out many models, vying for attention. While they are there for the event, many of the models also enjoy the many topless beaches this city also has.

Miami – -South Beach

Sun, sand and half naked people are some of the reasons why many people love Miami. Miami is known for by many. But the South Beach area is also known for hosting many photo shoots. Photo shoots means models.

If you can afford the Delano Hotel in Miami you may have the chance to catch a glimpse of many of their regular well known guests.

Monte Carlo

With many exclusive shops such as: Louis Vinton, Craftier, and Channel, it is no wonder that models such as Naomi Campbell has been spotted in Monte Carlo.

Of course, one can never forget the gambling or the world famous Monaco Grand Prix that takes place in May (two more reasons models and any one with money would love Monte Carlo)

New York, Tribeca

Tribeca is one of the ritziest neighborhoods in New York. The city caters to upscale restaurants and galleries. The Tribeca Grill is a local hangout for many models and other famous people. It is no wonder the rich and famous gathers here, it is owned by actors Robert DeNiro, Sean Penn, Ed Harris and Bill Murray.

Los Angeles

Of course, LA known for the place of beautiful people would house many models. The Sunset Boulevard area is especially a hot area to catch the rich and famous. It is known as the gateway to Beverly Hills.

But don’t fret too much if you can’t afford a trip to any of these wonderful places. You can always catch a model or two on the television set and you can stare at them all you want in the pages of the glossy magazines (sometimes they even share their beauty secrets.)

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