Water for Fuel

Just as in my previous article, “Water for Gas”, I mentioned how we can extract the hydrogen from water to run an automobile, well using water for fuel can also be used in any stove that burns propane, your furnace, and even your fireplace.

If you are using a gas furnace to heat your home, there are two problems with a gas furnace. The first problem is the gas that burns produces carbon monoxide poisoning, carbon dioxide, and other harmful byproducts. The other problem with a gas furnace is the heat that gets pumped outside your house and not inside. Because of the harmful byproducts that burning fuels create, there is a heat exchanger that brings air into the firing chamber where it is heated up by the flames of the furnace, this heat heats up a radiator type chamber that heats up the air in your house. The excess heat that is created in the firing chamber actually gets pumped outside the house. This is heat generated that is lost. If the furnace was a hydrogen furnace, the air from inside the house could enter the firing chamber, be channeled through metal heat ducts, and pumped back into the house. No heat would have to be pumped outside the house because the only byproduct of burning hydrogen is water.

Your stove, water heater, and gas furnace could all be converted and ran on hydrogen gas with little to no alterations necessary. Water is the perfect cycle fuel, they would travel full circle from being water, water molecules being split into hydrogen and oxygen, the hydrogen and oxygen combined in flame creates water. It’s a perfect cycle, it’s green and it’s clean.

Water is the one fuel we have that we have an abundance of, we can use it without damaging the Earth, and it is a renewable resource because when it is used it goes right back to being water. Unlike fossil fuels, methane, natural gas, etc., we won’t run out of water if we use it as fuel because when we burn it it goes back to being the same amount of water it was before we extracted the hydrogen from it.

We should all push for water for fuel technologies, not because we have to, but because we can and it’s the right thing to do. Water is the most abundant resource on the planet, and one of the most stable. Isn’t it amazing that the very compound required for life should also be a source of such a rich fuel source.

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