Ways Your Body Changes After Losing a Significant Amount of Weight

Since April of 2013, I’ve lost 117 pounds. That number is constantly going up while my weight is constantly going down. I didn’t have weight loss surgery nor am I on a special diet program. I haven’t even joined a gym. I’m doing it all at home by eating right and sweating it out daily. While I still have 63 more pounds to lose before I reach my goal weight, my body has already been completely transformed. I wake up every morning to find something about my physical appearance changed. I wish everyone could have an experience like this.

But, for those who can’t or for those who are curious about what it’s like, I present you with this article. These are just a few of the physical changes that your body can undergo during extreme weight loss:

No More Padding

When you fall, it hurts. The fat that used to cushion the blow is no longer there, and you’re left a little more vulnerable than you were when you were heavier. Also, sitting on hard surfaces becomes painful. I’ve found that I still plop down too hard on chairs and end up bruising my behind.

The upside to this, however, is that you’re less inclined to sit and more inclined to get that body moving!

You Become a Lightweight

In more ways than one! On the days you allow yourself to overeat, you find that you can’t eat nearly as much as you used to without getting violently ill. Your eyes become much bigger than your tummy. Again, this is a good thing, because it makes you not want to overeat. Tummy aches are no fun at all.

But it’s not just food. It’s alcohol too. As your body becomes lighter, your tolerance for alcohol goes way down. In my case, I can’t even drink half of half of what I used to be able to. As always, there is a positive in this — you make for one cheap date!

Body Takes Shape

If you look at my before and after picture, you can clearly see that the shape of my body has greatly changed. While this is to be expected, it’s incredible to witness. And it’s always a surprise, because we each have a unique shape. Discovering the shaping of your body is one of the most exciting parts of weight loss. Not just your body, either, but also your face. I promise that you will be shocked when you find what’s hiding under all of that fat!

Bones begin to protrude in places you didn’t know you had them. Your neck, chin, hips, and abs begin to emerge. The belly flattens. And, if you’re a female, curves take form.

Losing a lot of weight is like a caterpillar going into a cocoon. The change starts from within and eventually reflects throughout. Things shift around, and you emerge a totally new person. You’re still you, but you’ve been renewed — transformed.

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