Ways to Clean Your Vacuum Filter

The first time I emptied the canister of my vacuum and noticed the huge amount of powdery dust that came out of the filter I was in shock. It was supposed to trap dirt and dust particles, even dust mites, but what about the health of the person who has to empty that canister and clean that filter? I had to hold my breath as a cloud of airborne dust mites and germs traveled through the air. I was beginning to think this wonderful dust-trapping add-on was nothing more than an aggravation, and quite possibly a health hazard for me – the one who had to clean it.

Emptying the canister and cleaning the vacuum filter wasn’t something I could do indoors. If I did, the dust would resettle all over the kitchen, and I surely would breathe it in. That sounds really healthy, doesn’t it? Instead I always took the canister into the garage. I emptied it as I pulled out the filter. Inevitably I had to pull the dust, fur, and hair from around the filter, and then I had to bang it on the side of the can – even though the instructions clearly said not to bang it on anything. Dust and germs would fly everywhere, and there had to be a better way.

After struggling with cleaning my vacuum filter I came up with a couple of easy ways to clean it. Although I still have to take it outside I’m not surrounded by a cloud of dust. The following are easy ways to clean your vacuum filter, and hopefully you’ll find these methods as quick and as easy as I do.

Soft Bristle Brush

The first tool I used to clean my vacuum filter was a small wooden brush with a round head, and soft bristles about an inch long. The brush was part of a bath set, and I never used it for anything but cleaning my vacuum filter. That little brush came in very handy and did a great a job of cleaning off the excess dust.

Too bad my vacuum cleaner didn’t come with a tool to clean the dust off of the filter, but the manufacturer would probably prefer this pricy item was replaced often. Providing a brush would lengthen the life of the filter. I’ve had mine for over a year, and I don’t plan on replacing this expensive component anytime soon.

Wide-Tooth Comb

After moving to a townhouse apartment, I began emptying my vacuum canister into a dumpster, and I banged it on a sheet of cardboard to knock off the dust. As I was doing this a lady at the dumpster shared a clever tip for cleaning the filter. She uses a wide-tooth comb, and she said it does a fantastic job of removing the dust. I’ve since lost my little brush, and this lady was right. A wide-tooth comb is a very easy way to clean a vacuum filter. Give these methods a try next time you have to empty your vacuum canister. It will make an easy job of a potentially messy task.

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