Ways to Decrease Your Energy Bill

Given the condition of our current economy, all of us are looking for new ways to reduce our expenses. I am always in search of coupons, money-saving tips and other such information to help defray some of our financial obligations.

Here are some of the ways I’ve been able to keep my electric bill low, while also doing my part in being green. Not only will you be able to keep more of your money each month, you will also help in the reduction of pollution and global warming.

The first step is to unplug your appliances when you are not using them. I didn’t realize how much energy could be saved by doing this. Even if the equipment and electronics are turned off, they will still pull a charge if they are plugged in. It isn’t a very large amount but can be significant when you consider the aggregate amount of electricity consumed by each individually – which is typically one or two watts. You’re paying for wattage, so if you can decrease your usage in any way, you should see some benefit in your bill.

Secondly, when possible, wash your clothes in cold water. Even though hot water breaks up dirt better, it costs more money to use hot water since it takes energy to heat the water. Most of your clothing will still be clean if you use cold or warm water as well, and may actually preserve your clothing better as hot water tends to lead to shrinking, wrinkling, and fading of clothing.

Now, I personally don’t do this. I live in Nevada, and when it’s windy, it’s very dusty. Now, when it’s warm outside, I’ll sometimes hang things to dry; but typically I use a dryer. However, if you live in a climate and environment suitable for this, you can also decrease your electric bill by hanging your clothes to dry outside. Or if you must use a dryer, you can save money by ensuring you don’t over-dry your laundry or by using a moisture-sensor equipped model which uses less energy than the traditional thermostat-equipped models.

Other energy-saving tips include:

1. Using fans instead of AC which takes a significant amount more electricity to cool the house.

2. Replace your home’s filters which will keep debris minimal, allowing it to run more efficiently.

3. Turn your thermostat down by 5 to 10 degrees and put on extra clothing in the colder months.

4. Cut down the setting on your hot water heater to 120 degrees. You can also insulate it to save energy, including the plumbing with pipe sleeves to conserve energy.

5. Energy Star appliances are highly recommended products; known to provide energy savings.

6. Lastly, if you use compact fluorescent light bulbs, you will not only save energy, but they won’t have to be replaced as often as the standard, traditional incandescent light bulbs.

Try these tips and please feel free to leave your suggestions below. Always looking for new ideas and good tips to use!

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