Ways to Involve Your Children With Holiday Decorating

As a parent I want my children to be happy and in the holiday spirit. I get them involved in everythig I do and when I decorate I have them help me out. I find that by them helping me clean and decorate makes the in the holiday cheery mood. It is a lot of fun when you get your kids to help you pick out colors and ornaments out. Whether you have them already or going shopping for decorations please take your kids with you. In each room of the house they can help by doing one thing or two. In their bedrooms they can hang up tinsel on their windows and you can buy a 2ft tree.

It is so nice to see them have their own little tree in their bedroom makes it so more real. In the family room you can hang ornaments on the blinds, hang tinsel by the doorways, add some gingerbread candles, and lights on the windows. Hang up some bows on the windows that will give it a great look.The colors for Christmas are red and green so try to stick with that. Some people love the color white only and that is fine.

Remember to hang them stockings by the tree. Add glitter to them by writing each child’s name on them. Get all the family members to decorate and pick out the tree seeing it is a family time. Each one in the family can hang ornaments, hang up the treetop, and or add the lights.

The favorite thing kids love to make are the gingerbread houses. It is so much fun to make with candy. Be sure you make one with your child. A great way to share and treasure these holidays moments are by taking pictures and scrapbooking. That way all the fun things you all are doing will be captured with love. Have your child make their own holiday cards with mittens or fingerpainting or even old photos. Remember that the Christmas flower is the Poinsettias. They are very beautiful with red long leafs. You can place one in every room in the house to give it a gorgeous look to your home. You can even place some on your porch or deck.

Decorating comes with organizing, and having fun so let’s get out them cookie cutters. You can do a lot with them. You can make your own cookies from scratch or tie ribbons onto them. You can even make ornaments out of them by ahnging them up on the tree with string. Whatever you decide to decorate with your children make sure you have a great time and share stories together. Life is worth all these small moments.

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