Ways to Organize Clothes for a Colorblind Man

Far more men are colorblind than women, and when a guy cannot differentiate colors he will have problems coordinating clothing without a little assistance. Someone is not always around to ask for advice, and it can result in mismatched clothes and embarrassment. It is possible to organize clothes for a colorblind man. He will no longer need help when choosing what to wear, and he will not have to go home to change his shirts or pants again. Use these easy ways to organize clothes for a colorblind man, and give him the tools that he needs to make good choices.

Mark the Tags to Organize Clothes

Color coordinating shirts and pants on a closet rod will not work if the wearer cannot differentiate the hues. Marking the rod will not help if the clothing tags are not marked. A colorblind man must also be able to launder the items and organize them according to color. It is best to mark the tags when trying to organize clothes for a colorblind man. Use the first three letters of each hue to avoid any confusion. After all, some hues can look a lot alike to a colorblind man. Use a laundry marker for best results. If shirts do not have tags, use iron on labels. They will work just as well, and they will help to prevent color mishaps.

Use Closet Rod Labels to Organize Colors

In addition to marking labels, it is important to use closet rod labels to make it easy to organize and find clothing that matches. If the closet rod is not labeled, each tag would have to be checked, and that could be very time consuming. Use plastic store hangers as separators. Label the hangers with a permanent marker, and organize the clothes accordingly. They will eliminate the need to search tag after tag, and they will enable a colorblind man to organize their own clothes.

Organizing Drawers for a Colorblind Man

The closet is not the only place that requires organization for a colorblind man. Organize chest and dresser drawers as well. Simply place the labels on the inside backs of the drawers. T-shirts, shorts and pants can be arranged and stacked accordingly. The labels must also be marked for a colorblind man. Otherwise he will not be able to put away or organize anything. More importantly, he will not be able to find clothes that match without help, and he might end up wearing Christmas colors in the middle of summer.

Source: Personal Experience with Organizing Clothing for a Colorblind Man

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