Ways to Reuse a Disposible Boat Cover

A disposable boat cover is typically used when transporting a new watercraft from the place of purchase to a home or a marina where it will be stored. The material is not necessarily shrink wrap, but it is not usually worth saving for transportation purposes. Canvas is costly but far more durable. In any case, do not throw the plastic away. You can find many practical ways to reuse part or all of the material. It can be cut into sheets of manageable size and used in numerous new ways that will save time and money.

Reuse it to Cover an Outdoor Wood Pile

It is important to keep firewood dry in the winter, if you plan on burning it. Some people use tarps to cover their woodpiles. Instead of buying a tarp, reuse a disposable boat cover. If necessary, cut it to the appropriate size. Use large rocks or heavy pieces of wood to hold it in place. It will keep the wood from becoming saturated by snow, ice or other moisture.

Keep it for Painting Purposes

A disposable boat cover is ideal for protecting floors and furnishings while painting indoors or out. Cut it using heavy duty scissors or a utility knife. Use masking tape to secure it where needed. It can be used and reused again and again, and it will protect floors and other belongings from becoming damaged by paint, stain, varnish or other coatings. The plastic sheets can be easily folded when finished and placed in storage for further use.

Save it to Cover Items in an Open Truck or Trailer

It is a good idea to cover furnishings and other items that are hauled in an open truck bed or utility trailer. Even if skies are clear, the items can become damaged by birds and passersby. Reuse your disposable boat cover for hauling purposes. Cut it into the largest sheet possible, and recycle the rest. Use tie-downs or heavy twine to keep it in place while hauling everything from furniture to car parts.

Use it to Protect Items in Storage

Items in storage can become dusty and dirty. Instead of throwing a disposable boat cover away or recycling it at the curb, save it as a dust cover for furniture, bicycles, motorbikes and more. It might not be necessary to trim the plastic, especially if it includes handy ties. Fold the disposable boat cover as neatly as possible, and save it for storage purposes or any of the aforementioned purposes. You will be glad that you saved it when you do not have to buy a tarp or a cover for hauling or protecting your valuables.

Source: Green Living

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