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As someone who has had some success drawing people to his writing, I still have difficulties understanding the method to search engine madness. I have asked many questions about how rankings in Google and other search engines are determined and how some web sites are determined to be more appealing than others. However, I have yet to receive a satisfying answer to these questions. One resource that has gone a long way to explaining these complex issues is Aviva Directory’s article on the Internet’s strongest directories (found at http://www.avivadirectory.com/strongest-directories ).

The initial article deals with the very issues I addressed above and the various ways in which page strength is determined. However, the formula they endorse, provided by Seomoz, seems to be a more efficient tool than others that I have encountered. In the Seomoz formula described in this article, more components (including the type of link, page views, competition, etc.) go into the calculation of relative page strength. Even more important is the list of Internet directories provided at the bottom of this particular article, which arranges the directories in descending order from highest page strength to lowest. As well, the directory list includes pricing with many free options for those trying to cut down on the initial cost of their Internet business.

For anyone looking to expand their customer base on the web or is simply trying to get their ideas and products out to a larger audience, a read through of this article by Aviva Directory is critical. A look at the various methods in which page strength is determined will be eye opening to those new to the directory game. Submitting web sites to directories, especially those with a lot of traffic, is one way in which a small business can thrive in the online world.


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