Webcams: Gateways to World Exploration

Discoveries never cease with the growth of technology and media sites that can offer new and fresh ways to explore the world. Besides Google Earth’s ease of use and functionality, tourist and travel sites are burgeoning with live webcams of hotspots around the world. Visiting a country through the eyes of a webcam is a hot trend that won’t disappear anytime soon. When your budget is tight, or you just can’t schedule your private plane to jet across the ocean, try any of these websites for a ‘live’ view of your dream destination. offers eager travelers a great starting point to begin research. Find your next gateway to the world at this comprehensive site’s high-quality resources. SpyMaps, annotated trip-planning, photo galleries, and travel articles are accessed directly from the site’s homepage. List your top choices, and begin your journey into the sights of a webcam traveler!

Logon to, one of the web’s best sources for selection of webcams. Camvista features high-quality shots and camera placements across England, Scotland, the USA, and even includes 360 degree viewings. The live webcams are updated every few seconds; you can set up a small window of your new destination right on your web browser and leave it running for a precise and accurate view. Coverage of areas on this website is comprehensive: visit Lloyds of London, Covent Garden, Big Ben, and St. Paul’s Cathedral in England. Other webcams offer great views at Windsor Castle, the Isle of Wight, Cornwall, and even Belushi’s Bar!

Scotland highlands can be viewed at Camvista with views overlooking Glasgow Royal Concert Hall, the famous coast of the Western Isles’ at Oban, and a magnificent capture of Eilean Donan Castle. Enjoy the scenes of Mull of Galloway; and don’t forget the famous Harlem Bar in Kirkcaldy!

The 360 degree views offer panoramic excursions for any weary traveler! Test out the City Cruises on a Thames boat live on the Thames river, showing central London at its best. Watch London’s famous Millennium Wheel, a shot from the Thames River that stretches across central London’s city district from afar. Zoom features on the panoramic view give you close-ups of any local landmarks.

Finally, Camvista offers up a series of Worldcams that cover famous buildings, city centers, nature sites, scenery, and historical districts. Even construction cams are populated across some interesting sites, for live viewing and updates on progress. Have an inkling for the beach? Enjoy stunning views of the ocean and even underwater shots at The site hosts live views of reefs, the beach bar, and even the donkey adoption center!

Travel and exploration is no longer difficult with easy access to webcams and travel sites today. Live webcams can give you a snapshot of almost any place in the world, and panoramic features with zoom functions can make any web traveler enjoy a full experience! Coordinate a comprehensive tour for a fun and exciting evening with friends; creating slideshows and projectors of your findings is easy and efficient with today’s media tools, and a great way to learn about a new place, city, or country.

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