Week 2 NFL Review

By Eric Williams

Wow, what a week! Just like I predicted, week two in the NFL restored some semblance of normalcy – at least for some teams and also offered a glimpse of what could be in store for the majority of the teams in the league. I also want to point out the fact that I guess my nearly flawless record last week kept the e-mailers who ripped me after week one, from contacting me at all. Here is my week two review.

Bengals 34 Browns 17

I predicted the Bengals to go to the Super Bowl this year and nothing they’ve done so far makes me think any differently. The Browns on the other hand, are looking like an uninspiring bunch that is going backwards quickly.

Vikings 16 Panthers 13
I told my good friend Matthew Ross last week that the Vikes would not only cover this game, but win outright and they made my prediction look like a stroke of genius. Minnesota could make the playoffs this year if they keep playing smart football, which, it appears they will, especially since quarterback Brad Johnson just doesn’t make the big mistake.

The Panthers however, appear nothing like the team I said would be a legitimate Super Bowl contender. They are having big trouble moving the ball and if the absence of wide receiver Steve Smith means this much to their offense, I pity the fools.

Bills 16 Dolphins 6
My beloved Dolphins look absolutely atrocious. I hate to say it, but my wish for the ‘Fins to sign Drew Brees instead of Daunte Culpepper appears to have been the correct call as well. Culpepper looks slow and confused – a lethal combination that will drive any team right out of contention and onto the golf course before November arrives.

The Bills however, have used an excellent defense to fuel their mediocre offense- and at this point, appear to be heads and shoulders above the Dolphins, who many (like myself) picked to be a legitimate Super Bowl contender.

Bears 34 Lions 7
Everyone knew the Bears would have an outstanding defense again this season but their offense has been nothing short of spectacular behind quarterback Rex Grossman (whom I wanted to bench before the regular season ever started). If the Bears can score all season with any kind of consistency, they could find themselves playing in the final game of the postseason.

Saints 34 Packers 27
The Saints have an outstanding quarterback, two great running backs and wide receivers that can make plays, even if they aren’t household names. The Packers have âÂ?¦ well, okay, so I can’t think of one positive the Packers have, but hey, they have 14 more games to entertain us – and that’s gotta be worth something right?

Colts 43 Texans 24
Zzzzzzzz. Huh? What? I guess I must have dozed off after at halftime when Peyton Manning finished thrashing the Texans with another routine aerial attack. And by the way, Mario Williams did not lay one single hand on Manning – just like I predicted.

Ravens 28 Raiders 6
Zzzzzz. Hold it, I just wrote that didn’t I? This laugher was over by the end of the first quarter. Baltimore looks like they are going to give the rest of the AFC teams a real scare this season while the Raiders look like they’re trying to give Art Shell a cardiac arrest. One good thing for the Raiders in this game is that they finally got Aaron Brooks off the field. When you’re this bad, why not let the young Andrew Walter play and learn? It’s not like Brooks is the second coming of Doug Williams or somebody. As a matter of fact, he looks more like Mario Williams that the first and only black quarterback to win a Super Bowl championship.

Giants 30 Eagles 24
Say what you want about Eli Manning (and I say he’s going to damned good) all I know is the kid didn’t give up when it looked like his team had absolutely no hope at all. This atrocious loss could come back to haunt the Eagles later in the season. I know one thing – if Andy Reid doesn’t get his head out of the sand, he’s going to cost the Eagles even more games with his inexplicable play calling.

Falcons 14 Buccaneers 3
The Falcons are looking like a legitimate contender in the NFC while the Bucs – and more specifically – quarterback Chris Sims – are regressing big time. Six picks in two games does not a contender make. I hate to write a team off after only two games, but I am going on record right now to say that the Bucs are TOAST.

Seahawks 21 Cardinals 10
Not a big surprise here. The ‘Hawks handled their business and the Cardinals have nothing to be ashamed of.

49ers 20 Rams 13
Well, golly! It would appear as if the light bulb has gone on for Alex Smith. The Niners surprised a Rams team that looked like a defensive juggernaut in week one. Could it be that the Niners are on their way back to respectability?

Patriots 24 Jets 17
The Pats just keep rolling – no matter how unspectacular they look. The Jets also look much better than expected so far. Maybe that Eric Mangini is the second coming of Vince Lombardi.

Broncos 9 Chiefs 6
This was the first time these two uninspiring teams have ever played and not a single touchdown was scored. Having said that, I think it is entirely possible that both of these teams could be in some legitimate trouble. The Broncos, a Super Bowl contending team are only a couple of more Jake Plummer picks away from mediocrity and the Chiefs look absolutely clueless. I wonder how many people still like Larry Johnson to rush for 2,000 yards now that it has become a foregone conclusion that the Chiefs have absolutely no offensive line at all.

Chargers 40 Titans 7
The Chargers are so talented that all they’re asking young quarterback Philip Rivers to do is just “manage” the game and not lose it. They could find themselves playing deep into the postseason with this formula too. The Titans have nothing to be ashamed of – except starting quarterback, Kerry Collins. I say let Vince Young take his lumps and learn now rather than watch Collins’ mediocrity every week. The again, Young could learn what not to do when he’s on the field by watching Collins.

Cowboys 27 Redskins 10
Make no mistake about it – the Cowboys are a defensive team first and foremost. If they can score 27 every week, they’ll be tough to beat all season long.

The Skins’ offensive woes continue. How wise was it to bring in a new offensive coordinator (Al Saunders) for this season when it appeared as if the Skins were on the right track offensively last season?

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