Weight Watchers in Augusta, GA

A typical new year’s resolution for Americans after the holidays is to lose weight and get in shape. Most people want to knock off the extra ten or fifteen pounds they gained during the holidays, and there are some who suddenly, and temporarily, become motivated to drop their excess weight. These people will purchase a gym membership on January 2, work out for about two or three weeks and then all of a sudden they’re ‘too busy’ to work out. They start out with a strict low-fat or low-carb diet, stick with it for a couple of weeks or until they begin to miss the double cheeseburgers and pepperoni pizzas. They end up wasting money on gym memberships and dietary foods.

It’s the same people year after year whose resolutions turn into only mere attempts. You would think that they would learn. Diet and fitness shouldn’t be someone’s goal just because a new year is commencing. It should be a year-long aspiration. But for most, diet and fitness gets pushed into the background.

An important factor in weight-loss, believe or not, is a support group. You can count all of the calories and carbs you want, or you can run 45 minutes daily on a treadmill, but if you lack support, your diet can become a blunder. Support groups are always encouraging mainly because you’re among others who struggle from the same problem as you do, and who have the same insecurities you may have. These groups primarily consist of women since they are more vulnerable to weight insecurities, but men who struggle with obesity can benefit greatly from a support group.

Weight-loss programs in Augusta, GA which provide support groups include Jenny Craig, PHC Weight-Loss Center, and Weight Watchers.

Weight Watchers is a proven success when it comes to helping people lose weight. They provide weekly support groups, as well as an extensive guide to their weight-loss system. Weight Watchers is renown for their point’s system. Each type of food is broken down into a number of points, based on several conditions such as fat content, sugars, etc. Depending on your weight, you are given a certain number of points you can accumulate throughout the week. They also allow for flex points, which are excess points, in case you go over your selected amount of weekly points. Basically, Weight Watchers doesn’t necessarily limit what you eat, but how much you eat. Many people are under the false notion that you have to cut out everything and resort to salads and tofu. That’s not the case, if you want steak, eat one. Just eat an 8 oz. instead of a 12 oz.

Each support group is led by a team leader. These leaders provide weight-loss tips and suggestions to members. Each week, each member will weigh in as they keep up with their progress. They will keep a weight-loss diary as well. This can be encouraging for those who may have reached a weight-loss plateau.

It’s a successful program in which many have tried and now swear by it.

Any time you plan to diet it’s important to have an exercise schedule. Whether it’s working out at a fitness club or jogging down your street, exercise will increase your weight loss poundage.

Weight Watchers address for the Augusta, Georgia location

Augusta Center West Town Market Plaza
or check out their website www.weightwatchers.com

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